krzysztof photo


Love is in the air:

These are photos of Krzysztof Kowalski and Kasia Wojasinska aka Geralt and Yennefer during rehearsals for Gdynia’s Theatre Witcher musical. 

The musical story and songs are based on Sapkowski’s short stories from the Witcher saga (The Sword of Destiny, Question of Price, The Last Wish,  Something More and Shard of Ice).

The new musical premieres on September 15, 2017. All tickets for the dates are sold out already in the pre-order. 


Tumblr Fam,

I have decided to take a brief leave from social media until I have seen Star Wars VII: the Force Awakens, on Christmas, to avoid spoilers. But enjoy this re-blog of all the #sithconductors and #jediconductors, and other fun Star Wars-related posts. If you are a fan and are seeing the movie, I hope you have a great time, and may the Force be with you. See you on the other side! (Hope it’s not the dark side okay I’m done bye)