Krže Studio: My New Cruelty-Free Fashion Obsession!

Today I ran around with my new “Claire” bag from Krže Studio, and it’s safe to say that I’m in love. I met the fabulous designer Leila at this year’s Genesis Awards, and within seconds I was hooked on her vision (and her!). All of her items currently in production are made in Italy out of the highest quality vegan materials available. 

When I received this bag in the mail yesterday, the first thing I noticed was how soft it is! Unfortunately, I don’t know what else to compare it to other than calf skin (you know when you accidentally touch something in a store and you can immediately tell it came from a baby animal?). The second thing I noticed was the excellent craftsmanship that went into it. I feel 100% confident that I could travel the world with this bag (and abuse it like I normally do) and it would survive beautifully.

The high fashion industry is sadly a major contributor to unnecessary animal cruelty, so I believe it is very important to support new, cruelty-free, small businesses! Right now, you can shop the Summer Sale (and get 30% off of this bag!), but don’t forget to look out for the presale of the upcoming line, which should be launched no later than July 1st.

(also, the shoes I’m wearing are by another lovely vegan brand, Cri de Coeur!

Don’t you love it when fashion doesn’t have to hurt animals or the planet?