krystynalove replied to your post: Sexy and I Know It came on the radio when I was parallel parking today.

I didnt know you could play music when doing your test. I really hope there is no music!

I was only doing my six hours, which is just the required driving you need to do to get your permit. And most places say that you’re not allowed to listen to the radio, but the lady I had said she “wanted me to get used to how it’ll be when I have friends in the car”. So she had me do it once with music blasting, and then once in silence because during the test to get my license it’ll most likely be silent.

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Yeah I have to take my test for my license in a month and I’m nervous cause I’m a horrible driver. I was practising parallel parking today and I im going to mess it up. I’m good at K turns but its easy. I hardly ever drive and I hate it,

I was actually pretty good at parallel parking, but that’s only because the place I went to had these step things that made it easier. I don’t really mind driving on straight roads and whatnot, but changing lanes and driving on the highway scare the hell out of me. I almost had a heart attack when I had to do it. And of course living in New Jersey everyone already goes ten miles over the speed limit so it’s hard when you have people constantly passing you.