“Smile” - Digital Oil Painting

Commissioned by this odd guy named Kevin… He wanted this image in mostly shades of purple, told me what the title should be, and… it’s weird, I can’t remember charging him anything for the commission…

^_~ All kidding aside, I think Krysten Ritter has a gorgeous smile, and since it’s so rare for Jessica to smile, I wanted to capture it in a painting.

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Fuddy Meers blurb on IMDB:

“Claire, who awakens each morning as a blank slate on which her husband and teenage son must imprint the facts of her life. One morning Claire is abducted by a limping, lisping man who claims her husband wants to kill her.“

KR is billed as Claire.  DT is billed as “Lisping Man”.

Now all I’m hearing is him saying “Jesssssica” with a lisp, and it’s killing me.

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Actual line from the upcoming Defenders mini series
  • Jessica: It's so dark down here. I can't see a thing.
  • Matt (sarcastically): Oh no, what a nightmare!
  • Jessica: Sorry.