Quintin is a small porcupine living in a big city that doesn’t quite understand him, or his spiky nature. He is all alone, until one fateful trip to a pet fish shop changes his life.

Group student film by:
Justin Chan, Tianqing Chen, Jing Gang, Allen Isard, Jessica Mao, Rebecca Murrell, Ariane Noel, Krystel Lucas, Carlos Schvepper, Colin Searle, Anqi Wu, Felix Yang

Completed during our third year at Sheridan! Enjoy!

steven’s kids! maybe.

the idea was for steven’s adopted kids to each have traits that kinda make them look like humanized fusions of two gems each? cuz i thought itd look cute? 

first one is meant to resemble garnet and rose, second resembles pearl and lapis, third resembles amethyst and jasper. not sure if im satisfied with the colors chosen for second and third but first came out exactly the way i was imagining.

I am taking cosplay way too seriously.
  • Me: Krystel, why am I looking at Beetles on eBay?
  • Krystel: *muzzily* ...I don't know. What kind of beetles?
  • Me: The car.
  • Krystel: You can't have a car here. We'll buy you a Beetle when we go home, okay?
  • Me: *grudgingly* Okay...
  • Krystel: You can't have a Beetle in central London, you've got nowhere to park it. You can have a Beetle once we get home. Or you can get married and stay here and move out of London, and get a Beetle then, okay?
  • Me: Okay.
  • Krystel: My dad probably knows a guy who can get you a Beetle once we go home.
  • Me: Would he also know a guy who can replace bits with different colours? Or, like, spray-paint them different colours?
  • Krystel: . . .
  • Krystel: There are panel-beaters and spray-painters in my family, I can sort that out.
  • Me: Okay.
  • Krystel: WHY do you need bits to be painted different colours?
  • Me: Because I take cosplay way too seriously.
  • Krystel: What cosplay would this be in aid of?
  • Me: Harry Dresden.
  • Krystel: Okay. Well, you need to tell Mason, because he will totally facilitate this cosplay. But you need to understand that this will be your everyday, actually-driving-around car. Are you okay with that?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Krystel: Okay. We can fix this up.
  • Me: You seem way more awake now than you were at the beginning of this conversation.
  • Krystel: We're talking about a cosplay car, of course I'm awake. Now I'm going back to sleep, shut the fuck up.

fortheloveofwildlife-deactivate  asked:

In that post you made about me, there ar pictures I have taken that were posted without my consent -some that I haven't even posted online but that Krystelle sent you. I have not given my permission to post these pictures. I want them removed, I don't care who made that post, you can edit it and remove the pictures. It's an attack to my person and my private life as well. Perhaps you'll realize what I said about her was true when she will be fined or more, for federal and provincial infractions.


I trust Krystelle more than you because she hasn’t given any indication that she’s been lying. She’s always been up front about the fact that the animals were from a fur farm and got mad to see that you were lying about the business in public.

You did start to tell the truth a little bit, now, you no longer claim to have Crystal as a pet (although you never did admit that the photo was a dead animal that I’m aware of) and you fessed up to the fact that little Noki is living at a fur farm now and appear to be trying harder and that’s great.

But here’s the thing: it’s a lot easier to be truthful up front than it is to try and climb out of a hole. I’ve found that post again and from what I can find, only a small handful of the pictures are actually yours. The rest of them were used with permission, or screenshots taken by someone else of public websites. I’ve gone ahead and removed the few photos I recognized from first being on your blog (even the pelt one) but honestly, the damage has already been done.

Even without the photos there, it’s hard to undo THAT much lying, Anda, and I’m not even really sure WHY you did it. You can claim that it was for Krystelle’s business, but let’s be real, trying to pass a dead pelt off as a live animal had everything to do with your ego and nothing to do with her business. Hell, if you hadn’t pulled that stunt, this might never have happened and you might still be working there for all we know.

Furthermore, even if Krystelle is an evil Cruella De Vil like character that wanted to murderize cute animals to turn them into pelts and coats, you willingly worked for her and willingly lied to cover up her business until she told you you were through and only then did you find it atrocious enough to speak out about. Krystelle didn’t know about the blog, you could have just as easily taken pictures of the atrocities here and posted them to make an informative anti-fur pro-wildlife blog but that’s not what you did.

Honestly, I don’t even hate you, Anda. I’m just CONFUSED by you. I’m BAFFLED that anyone would want to lie that much about something so stupid. Obviously you have Miko (or had, I heard another rumor that your mom got sick of him and that he no longer lives with you full time but fuck there’s so many Goddamn rumors I can’t even stand it anymore) so I don’t know WHY you’d lie about Crystal the fox being a real live pet. There was literally no reason in the world for it. Yet there it is. There it is in front of God and everyone being stupid.

You are, as far as I can tell, the rightful owner of at least three pictures there, so I’ve gone ahead and removed them. The ones that you don’t own can stay. The post has already been reblogged and seen and spread around, so it isn’t as if it’ll ever be covered up, though. You can’t put paint back in the tube.