Alam ko hindi mo to mababasa pero, Wala. Wahahaha :( Posh I miss you so much. Gustong gusto ko na ulit bumalik sa Pangasinan kahit saglit lang tapos magdedate lang tayo. Gustong gusto kitang hintayin nung 26 pero ang tagal tagal mo kasi, e. Uuwi na kami. Huhu. Ang layo layo naman ng Baguio para puntahan kita dun. Sana sa Manila ka nalang nag-aaral para may chance pa na magkita tayo. :( Magkikta kami ni Clarence, e. :( Punta ka na kasi ditong Bulacan. Sagot ko na pamasahe mo, Krystell. :( Huhu. Miss na miss na kita, Krystell Mae Lavarias. Akala ko talaga, ikaw una kong makikita pag uwi ko, e. :( Hindi pala. Broken hearted pa rin ako ngayon. Ang hirap mag move on. :( See you next Christmas♥♥ 12 Months nalang, magkikita na tayo. Count down nako!! Tas skype nalang tayo huu.

Random 30 Day Challenge

Day 12- How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one

It must have been around 2009 or 2010. My friend Krystelle, who is no longer active on tumblr, was raving to me about how much funny content was on this site. I was actually using Blogspot at the time and she convinced me that tumblr was the better way to go to share my original content and to reblog interesting content. 

I initially got into blogging to share my experiences and to have a space to share my youtube videos. I found tumblr to have a deeper sense community than blogspot. It was a lot more user friendly and more aesthetically pleasing. I’m happy to have made the switch. 

Dayna has said I ought to write a thing on the Australian slang used in Fury Road.
  • Me:Of course, if I did that I'd have to watch it again and take notes.
  • Krystel:Aw, such a fuckin' hardship.
  • Me:So if I do that, I'll need you to come with me, because you know more about slang than I do cos you're a bogan.
  • Krystel:
  • Krystel:I want to say 'fuck off, cunt', but that'll just prove your point.
  • Me:I know.

“The summer no sweeter than ever,
The sunshiny woods all a thrill;
The grayling asleep in the river,
The big horn sheep on the hill.
The strong life that never knows harness,
The wilds where the caribou call;
The fresh, the freedom, the farness-
Oh God! How I’m stuck on it all.”
-Robert Survice

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