just another night

mike, jasper and krystel came over after dinner to kick it. we kinda did the simple old school stuff. just watching tv/movies, laughing, eating lolol good times :] nights like these totally erase every single problem i’m having in the day. ahhh… in a super happy mood! ^-^ (jasper is missing) lol!

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Commission for my friendo GIJohn
He wanted an outfit sheet for Krys, so here it is~! I love her. ;; And with his permission, I took her old bio and updated it a bit, which you can read below! Krystel will be seen in my comic every now and then, especially because she’s married to this dork:

If anybody wants one of these or any other kind of commission I’m currently offering, you can find that info here:

Name: Krystel
Nicknames: Krys
Age: 28
Sex: Female
DOB: 03/28
Species: Vixinian
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5'07"
Occupation: Hairdresser
Ability: None
-Fine Wine
-The Beach
-Mystery Books
-Tail/Ear Pulling
-Mean Pranks/Jokes
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer person. Krystel is caring, loving and extremely easy to get along with. She’s always eager to make new friends as well.

It’s a wonder to the cast how she ended up with someone as strange as Kyo, but their love for each other is impenetrable. She accepts his flaws and knows him better than anyone else.

Today last week, around this time, you had rolled over to be closer to me with your back against my chest. You grabbed for my hand, put around your waist, and clutched it against your stomach. You looked back at me and smiled. My heart melted. About 30 minutes from now, you would have gotten up and sat on the edge of the bed. You sat there for a good while before you left the room to go get ready. You’d come back and jump onto the bed and lay on me, begging me to wake up so we could get a head start on our last day together.  I finally got up and found a little hemp bracelet on my nightstand. You said it was yours, but it was mine now. My heart sank. You could tell.

That whole day, you had showed me more affection in one day than the entire time you were here combined. I want that again.

I’ll see you again soon.

Krystel ♥ ! C’était trop chouette que tu sois passée chez moi :D Faut se refaire ça au plus vite! En plus j’ai plus de ta super MD :( haha & faut que tu me dises pour la zeb & la c ;)

Krystel, elle te ramène des rouleau de 4€ comme ça, haha, j’adore! (ça m’a payé au moins un 30, mon épicier a pété un plomb pour m’faire du cash haha)