Quintin is a small porcupine living in a big city that doesn’t quite understand him, or his spiky nature. He is all alone, until one fateful trip to a pet fish shop changes his life.

Group student film by:
Justin Chan, Tianqing Chen, Jing Gang, Allen Isard, Jessica Mao, Rebecca Murrell, Ariane Noel, Krystel Lucas, Carlos Schvepper, Colin Searle, Anqi Wu, Felix Yang

Completed during our third year at Sheridan! Enjoy!

steven’s kids! maybe.

the idea was for steven’s adopted kids to each have traits that kinda make them look like humanized fusions of two gems each? cuz i thought itd look cute? 

first one is meant to resemble garnet and rose, second resembles pearl and lapis, third resembles amethyst and jasper. not sure if im satisfied with the colors chosen for second and third but first came out exactly the way i was imagining.

just another night

mike, jasper and krystel came over after dinner to kick it. we kinda did the simple old school stuff. just watching tv/movies, laughing, eating lolol good times :] nights like these totally erase every single problem i’m having in the day. ahhh… in a super happy mood! ^-^ (jasper is missing) lol!

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