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Hi hope you're well~ About divorce au, does taemin eventually move back home and go to the doctors? I'm really curious as to how it all happens! Also I really like this au, it's angsty and great

can you write about taemin finding out he’s anemic? like maybe heechul is the one who has to take him to the appointment or somth???

Taemin had moved back home two weeks after Jessica came back. Heechul was still living there, but he was more actively searching for a new place to live, so Taemin guessed that was an improvement. Plus, the only reason he had really gone back home was because his Auntie Krystal had insisted, saying that it was the only way Jessica would make him a doctor’s appointment, and he supposedly desperately needed it.

And now, a week after that, Heechul was the one taking Taemin back to the doctor’s after his blood test results had come back. Taemin was not amused, especially when Heechul was told by the doctor to come into the room with them. The doctor was quick about the diagnosis. Taemin had iron deficiency anemia, it wasn’t that big of a deal, and iron supplements would help him feel better. She also said Taemin should either take a vitamin C supplement with it, or take the iron with a glass of orange juice.

“The vitamin C helps you absorb the iron better,” the doctor explained.

“He’ll take it with orange juice,” Heechul said.

“I hate orange juice,” Taemin grumbled.

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“We began as strangers not knowing anything about each other, but we knew that we were all in this journey together. Back then, we didn’t know what the future had in store for us, but throughout the years we grew stronger. We became more than just a group, now we’re partners, we’re friends, and most importantly, family. Just as we didn’t know where we would be today years ago, we have no idea where we’ll be years down the road. But one thing is certain, no matter where we are, what we do, who we will become, we will always be f(x)

💜We love you, we miss you and we will wait for you, for as long as we need to.💜
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