Convicky for KrystalFleming by candyrag

WHOOOO! I am pretty sick! (and not in the I am a cool person sick, but as in fever sick) lol… But I pushed myself to draw something today…and color it and add a nice background for once haha xD Production HO!

Alright well, I been meaning to draw my super awesome buddy Kystal some tasty fanart of her rad upcoming webanimation Super Looter! She has the most amazing style and characters, not to mention an amazing character designer and pal ^^. Ever since I laid eyes on her characters, I simply had to draw em, I mean it was fun as heck!

Convicky is an adorable character, yes she’s one of my fave Looters right next to Looter, and then Robby and then afterKleptom…alright i like them all >:T so I’ll draw more Looter art when I can, heh

I hope you dig it Krystal, and everyone else ^^ Go check her neat works NAO!

Convicky belongs to KrystalFleming