Krystalak is a villainous entity created exclusively for the game Godzilla: Unleashed. He appears only in the Wii and DS versions.

Godzilla: Unleashed Bio

“Krystalak is a semi-sentient crystal organism, spawned by the same meteor shower that threatens to rip the earth apart. Born from the crystals, Krystalak seeks to bring all of their energies together to make himself into the ultimate monster. Like the crystals that spawned him, Krystalak is quite resistant to most forms of energy weapons, forcing opponents to fight him tooth and claw. Krystalak can expel crystal shards in a solid stream, bludgeoning foes from a distance. Krystalak can also overload his crystal heart - sacrificing his own physical integrity to damage everything nearby. With no ties to any existing alien or terrestrial powers, Krystalak seeks power at any cost.”


Krystalak is born from the crystals that crashed onto Earth, therefore producing crystal based powers. He can fire crystal shards from his tail, has incredible agility, and attacks with incredible ferocity. He fires a powerful Prism Beam from his mouth, but his most devastating attack is the ability to overload his heart and cause a huge shockwave that blasts everything around him (“Crystal Overload”), dealing incredible damage.


The original monsters were under heavy debate by fans of the Godzilla community. Many fans felt that they took up time and space that could be used to create other Toho characters instead. Fans who supported the original monsters said that every Godzilla monster was at one point original, and that the Godzilla Universe wouldn’t hurt from the new additions. Atari and Pipeworks were quick in response, with Keehwan Her stating that the original monsters did NOT replace any classic Toho creations, and that plenty of classical Toho monsters would make the final cut.


Krystalak is one of two kaiju based on mammals to be included in Godzilla: Unleashed, the other being King Ceasar.

Krystalak is also one of the few monsters to sport a beard, granted it is made of crystals and not actual hair.

some fans wonder where the mammalian parts of krystalak came from and how the crystals were able to merge with it.

The beginning of Krystalak’s theme in Wii’s Godzilla:Unleashed starts with a crystal sound.


When Atari was working on Godzilla: Unleashed, they held a poll on IGN to determine which original monster would occupy the final roster spot - The Visitor, Magmouth, Lightning Bug, or Firelion. Magmouth won, and was renamed Obsidius in a second poll. Personally, I would have inducted both Obsidius and Firelion, slam-dunking Krystalak into the trash to free up a place for the latter.

anonymous asked:

Spacegodzilla sould have a family bond with krystalak and obsidius

Canonically? He’s too self-absorbed. Kind of a prick. Krystalak just wants to kill whatever’s in front of him, and Obsidius doesn’t even know what “family” means.
It’s all terrifically tragic, really.
And NOW I’m bummed out.