krystal marshall



The Super Sportlets are a group of Superheroes who have come to Earth to protect kids from an intergalactic villain, RUDY RUDE! 

Rudy’s mission? 

To absorb all of the Earthlings energy – or Enerjoy– to weaken the planet so it can be conquered by Lord Less – Rudy’s diabolical leader – and FATHER!

Together, with their on-board computer SID, The Super Sportlets can easily learn about any sport on Earth. And then, just when Rudy starts to drain energy from his Earthling victims, The Super Sportlets can stop him with a sports challenge.

With their unique superpowers and love of sports, the last defenders of Earth against Rudy 

Rude and Lord Less are – The Super Sportlets!

Can you believe Brant went from kid-friendly Ballistico to the creepy Noel Kahn? Yeah…