she was really embarrassed lmaoo


#JugsisGetTurnt #JungsisGetCrunk


she likes green tea and yoghurt ice cream 🍧🍡


Hi guys!

Here is the next installment for fx’s 2015 comeback: concepts!

There have already been various confirmations that f(x) will feature in a post-apocalyptic steam-punk Shakespearean setting with cameos from SHY this comeback… but I still really want to know what concept you would like our girls to rock in the future!

I can’t wait to see your responses!  

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda confused😁 why wasn't Krystal at the ending for smtown? this is probably a dumb question

she hasnt been there for I think the third or fourth time

also she avoided Yoona when she went to the Chanel event (that both of them were invited to)

and looking at the current situation with SNSD….

you add it up :^)

basically, Krystal is done with everyones BS