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I’m really upset that F(x) wasn’t at the SM Halloween party I mean??? Why not? Sulli wasn’t even there and she was at the last one after she left F(x) so???

Can you imagine how great their costumes could have been? But I guess we’ll never know bc SM played my heart. I’m just really pressed about it so call me next Halloween when F(x) or Sulli is there.

The only thing good about this year was Eunhyuk in a dinosaur suit, JMin as Hedwig, Taeil and Yeri as Belle, Taeyeon’s Nemo, and Chanyeol’s extra ass costume. I mean half of them didn’t even try (I’m looking at you Taemin, Donghae, and Henry) But you know who would have tried? F(X) WOULD HAVE!

Cute nicknames 😍

In the order of likes

Plough: Sweety

Nmad: Baby Spice

Rakija: Angel

Cuckt: Little Bunny

Pauia: Panda Cutie

Skive: Feisty

Alliegant: Angel Eyes

Bbyg: Princess

Skrt: Sweet Thing

Eyeroll: Ladybug

Sweetvee: Baby Girl

Derriere: Muffin

Drive: Hubby

Wrap: Loverboy

Alchemy: Honey

Krystal: Angel Heart

Aldi: Baby Love

Durp: Sweetheart

Chapo: Romeo

Assign: Tiger

Acid: Sir

Seun: Goddess

Mwolfe: Sweet Daddy

Celebro: Tootsie Roll

Oh lawd, I finally did it. Anyone of y’all that knows me (all like 2 of you), know that I love Witch Mom’s, so, I finally made one. And dun dun dun, this is Aurora, Hexx and Vivien’s Mother. 


A little backstory before I get into the specs: 

Aurora has lived in the shadows for quite some time. Even during the Great War she operated at a covert level. She used to govern sectors of Romani witches as part of the hierarchy, however after seeing their true, inner darkness, and forseeing in her visions the coming turmoil, she moved to France to be with a human man she had fallen for. 

And when the trials began she left in order to try and protect her children. However, she never returned for them, and this has caused much grief all around. She figured it was better to stay away and give them a chance to survive. All that remains of her memory for Hexx is a tome that she left him upon his rebirth. 

Vivien sees her occasionally, however their visits are brief and quite serious. 

Witch Info: Aurora
Unique Abilities: Fire Aura/Dream Walking/Clairvoyance

Demon: Queen Asteria: Monarch Of Dreams And Falling Stars
Ancient Gun Name/Set:  Scheherezade/Irish Twin Flintlocks

Current Gun Set: Moonraker/ Tavor SAR Flattop B16  

Current Gun Names:

Moonlight Trail

To Have And To Hold

Search For Love

Dream Of Gold


Theme Song: Dreams-Fleetwood Mac / Moonraker-Shirley Bassey

Overall Theme: Romani Gypsy/Metaphysical/Psychic



1) Though born of darkness, I  also wield light.

2)  Surrender yourself to slumber.

3)  I must protect them!


1) May the Cosmos rain furiously from the Heavens down upon you and the ground quake beneath your feet.

2) The Ancient Magic of my people courses through my veins. I would make the choice to run, now. If I were you.

Platinum Verse: Balance in all things.

Pure Platinum Verse: By fire be cleansed.

Platinum Trophy: It was written in the stars.

Pure Platinum Trophy: I will keep them safe!

WW Punch: From Embers!

WW Kick: To Ashes!

Weapon Taunts:

Tarot Cards::

Couldn’t see my sleight of hand?

Repent, and fall like a house of cards.


The cycle is never ending.

Karma’s a Witch.


I’ll make quick work of you.

Surrender now if you wish to live.


Sometimes violence IS the answer.

Harsh like your fate.

Cosplay Bullet: 

The Great Fairy::–

Blood Symbol: Honey Suckle

Aurora Beast Within::

 Flight: Phoenix Within (Peacock w/ Fire Aura) 

 Travel (Land): Liger Within 

 Travel (Sea): Shark Within (Black Tipped Reef Shark) 

 Perfect Dodge: Bee Within (Honey Bee)

And there you have it! I’ll show off her guns and other cool stuff a bit later on~ <3 I hope some of y’all enjoy. :) 

riskanotherrgoodbye  asked:

Ebonyyy this is your era I know it ❤️❤️

krystal, my sweet honey!! i cherish you saying that more than you know, thank you lovely!! i’m all about positivity and optimism, so i’ll keep on staying hopeful that my time will come soon! i’ll be crossing my fingers so tightly for you, i hope this will be your era as well! sending many hugs and endless joy your way xx

okay but Auntie Krystal
  • taking Oscar and Gemma to the mall/movies when Alison and Donnie are doing god knows what with their business
  • letting Gemma give her a make over
  • playing house/tea party
  • helping Oscar when he wants to ask a girl on a date but is too nervous 
  • Letting the kids take a sip of champaign on new years (”don’t tell your mom, it’ll be our little secret”)
  • krystal doing everything she can when it comes to protecting them because lbr that’s the kind of person she is