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Me: *is attracted to female idol*
Me: yea shes definitely gay.,,100%.I can feel it ⚠️⚠️beep beep gaydar is beeping…its a gift…i just know.she is a gay….superlesbo….

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the girls and their partner having a playfull argument about what to eat, who ever wins the staring contest can choose what to eat

As a reaction, right? I wasn’t sure, but I’ll just do it as a reaction :)

f(x) reacting to: a staring contest to decide what to eat!

Krystal: Would probably play bored and annoyed, but secretly takes the situation very seriously. She doesn’t share your taste in food at all, so why would she waste this opportunity?

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. This is so childish, (Y/N)” *still wins*

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Victoria: Intentionally loses, so you can decide what to eat. She’s a sweetheart afterall!

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Luna: Takes it WAY too seriously and stares into your eyes,  tears slowly running down her cheeks and eyes reddening, until you eventually give in, so she doesn’t hurt herself. She’s very competetive, you know…

“I won’t give up, (Y/N), not when I’m so close to winning!” (imagine this with epic music)

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Amber: Uses some foul tricks like subtlely blowing into face, so you lose. Still let’s you decide because she feels bad for cheating.

“Let’s just order pizza, right?”

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Roleplay Episode 2: D.Va's Krystal Hard Lesson

Once we reached the road leading to the school and we headed up to the main entrance. I quitely guided you to a less used side entrance that leads into the gym and changing rooms as i quickly moved us in there before anyone looked at you too closely. I headed to my locker and retrieved the spare clothes and went back to you “h-here you go…” i said as i tried to sound sorry for what i did to you


- Krystal wanted a f(x) comeback this winter,but since all the members were busy they postponed it to next year and promised it would be a perfect one

- Krystal’s eyesight is getting worse and needs to wear glasses (but she didn’t wear glasses at the event”

- There were balloons behind Soojung and they would fall on her and she would get a little scared

- When asked for a official fanclub in SK,Krystal said “Ask SM why they aren’t doing it lol” (THE SHADEEE)

- When asked for a D4DS Encore in SK,she replied “we will” and the fans started cheering and she said “we will…perhaps after our Japan one”

- Amber facetimed Krystal while drunk 2 weeks ago and Krystal thought it was cute

- Krystal complained about how no f(x) members were there at the event and how she attended their birthday parties (in a funny way tho)

-She gave the fans Etude House products,signed balloons & photocards and loads of other gifts at the event

- She never held a huge birthday party before because she would only celebrate with like 2 or 4 friends

- She said a fan gave her McDonalds coupons years ago and still uses them

- Soojung asked the fans what are their obsessions right now and the fans answered “f(x)!!” and she was so confused and said “Huh? Even when we’re not promoting?”

- During the beginning of the party Soojung didn’t know what to do bcs there was no members to help her and it was her first party so she asked jokingly if someone can MC 

- JSJ asked how many of them in the event were younger than her and almost everyone raised their hand and she was so shocked and said “Well I am 23…”

- Fans asked for another party with all the f(x) members for their 8th year anniversary and Soojung said “Sounds good”

- JSJ decided to call Amber on the spot but she wasn’t answering

- Soojung said her favorite F(x) songs are Shadow,Sweet Witches & Ice Cream but it changes sometimes & she used to really like the song ‘X’ but now she doesn’t like it

- Soojung knew about ES hitting 100M and she asked the fans “Why ES?” and the fans said “Because the choreo is so f(x)-ish”

- The party was actually planned really late cuz in the Keds x Krystal fansign a lot of fans asked for a party and at first Krystal didn’t want to do one,but afterwards decided to do it.

- Fans asked JSJ for a solo album and she said “I’ll think about it.”

- In “Amazing F(x)” reality show,Soojung wrote in a bucket list that she wanted early retirement because she thought no one would like her when she gets older,but now she said she gained more self confidence and doesn’t think like that anymore.

- Soojung wanted to do a V live stream instead but decided she wanted to see and treat her fans

- The last time she saw any of the members was at the 7th anniversary when she saw Amber

- Fans asked if she was going to attend SM’s halloween party and JSJ said she doesn’t want to go but if she does she’s gonna dress up as a invisible human

- Fans asked her what food should they eat for dinner and she said “Big Mac” and everyone started mentioning the Big Mac song Lunber sang

- Krystal said she wants to do another party again in a bigger venue

- There was a post that said “f(x) forever” so the fan asked “f(x) forever?” and Soojung said “Of course!” 

BONUS: Today there was also a SHINee fansign in Incheon,and Minho was dancing to 4 Walls lol


f(x) as gang members.

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Rogue One Birthday Headcanons

-The only two of the team that make big deals about their birthday are Chirrut and K-2SO

-Chirrut makes a speech about “the force bringing him into this world and blessing him with another year”

-It’s actually kind of sweet, he takes the day to appreciate all his blessings from and with friends

-One year, Baze and the team went on a HUGE search and found Chirrut a Kyber Krystal (he cried)

- K-2 wants a huge party “in return for all that he’s done for them” (he just loves attention)

- Jyn covers K-2s eyes while Cassian paints a rebel alliance symbol over the old imperial one, so he is an official alliance droid

-The rest of the group likes having small or quiet celebrations

-They would’ve never figured out when Jyns birthday was if it wasn’t for Bodhi, who got into Galens files

-They all knew she didn’t want it to be a thing, so they made her a card along with an alliance pin and cupcake waiting in her room at the end of the day.        “Make a wish!- Love Rogue One”

-Baze gets the day off on his birthday and he really enjoys some alone time

- Chirrut splits his crystal, and gives Baze the other piece on his birthday and they both wear the split kyber

-Bodhi had mentioned his birthday once and was so surprised when they all remembered. 

-They gave him traditional Jedha tea, new goggles, and hairties in a care package

-Bodhi keeps apologizing for no reason                                                               “YOU MUST HAVE BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH TROUBLE”

- Cassian gets a mini surprise party and a huge cake


-Cassian just freaking loves cake and he melts and praises in Spanish when he eats it. Happy cake dances.

I LOVED THIS REQUEST its so sweet and loving and yayayayayay 

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So SM exposed Kaistal on the 1st. Exos debut anniversary is on the 8th and now NCTs debut is in the 9th/10th. Also KrisHan’s final plea is on the 8th

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About so called “Kaistal”

OK guys, it is strange.You know about those alleged photos of Kai and Krystal in the hotel swimming pool?

Well I think it is obvious that it is not them. But something else caught my attention.

Those allegation become serious.

Korean information sites writes about it.

There was even TV news about it. (here)

But where is SM?

They confirmed that Kai and krystal are dating after 2 and a half seconds.

It is said that Kai and krystal went to a hotel and spend there 3 days and 2 nights.

Shouldn’t SM release a statement that it is not true.

Even if it is.You would think that they will say that it is not true, and people in the picture are not Kai and Krystal, and they will find the netizens who posted it, and they will punish them bla bla bla….

You know, just to protect their image.

But SM is silent.


Why you may ask.

Because that is what SM want.

They don’t care about Kai or Krystal.

They have the new boyband to promote.

And the Kris and Luhan’s lawsuits.

And the rumours about gay couple.

And do you remember, that in december/january 2015/2016 Krystal had rumours about dating T.O.P?

He is No. 1, she is doing so so. And in such cases girls always gets more hate than boys. Plus he has an ENORMOUS fanbase. It is T.O.P for god’s sake! You know what I mean.

And here is the chance to kill several birds with one stone.

Fans said that during “Secret Night” Kai was crying because he is concern that Krystal will get a lot of hate


And he dated her in the restaurants, even went to hotel and kissed her in the swimming pool when other people are around?


And what about Chanyeol and Kyungsoo almost crying too?

People said they were crying because fans were singing with them.

Well non other member was crying.

But on the other hand Chanyeol posted the same day Kyungsoo’s hallucination photo.

Oh, and do you remember Kyungsoo’s interviews during “Unforgettable” promotions. One quote caught my eye:

Why suddenly, after three years, Kyungsoo realised that it is “uncomfortable if the presonality of the other person do not match”?

And who is he talking about? Chanyeol?

Well probably Chanyeol is not living with them anymore since last year. He has his own studio where he is most likely living.

Well Kai then.

But why suddenly his personality dont match with the personality of his supposed best friend?

It is strange.

Those are jus my thoughts.

I know I’m delulu so save you time. :)

put your music on shuffle, list the first 10 songs, and tag 10 people. tb 💖 @krystal​ 💖

1. winner - different
2. bolbbalgan4 - galaxy
3. btob - way back home
4. baek yerin - blue
5. bestie - i need you
6. punchnello - null
7. akdong musician - way back home (lmao ^)
8. iu w/ oh hyuk - can’t love you anymore
9. s.e.s - remember
10. winner - fool

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161102-03 Dimension 4 Encore ‘COWBOY’ 엠버 Amber focus fancam              

Fan account by Periwinkle Ocean’s Moderator Syncyes (Rue)

My overarching emotion since the concert ended has been, I wish I had photographic memory so I could remember everything

unfortunately I don’t. but I’ll try my best! because if possible I’d like to express to you guys how this was basically the most amazing experience of my ENTIRE LIFE LMAO

where do I start. I guess at when I got to the venue…which was fucking 10:20 AM OTL. I slightly regret it because even by 10:20 AM the merch I really wanted was sold out. I ended up buying stuff I barely wanted as a type of hissy fit over not getting the FUCKING BLACK HOODIE, so I ended up spending too much money anyways lololol.

I also participated in the SuperstarSMTOWN event that was hosted near the venue haha. I unluckily drew Airplane and failed it since I was nervous because the image was being projected to a crowd ;; lmao

around 1 PM or so the fansites started rolling in. it was actually hilarious. people would just come carrying these huge boxes filled with merch and without anyone saying anything EVERY FAN would just run at them and create a line. then repeat this as more fansites come, panic when two arrive two close to each other, get banners, stress over people having banners from WHO KNOWS WHERE, try to figure it out, fail, cry a bit, have way too cold seoul air burn in your lungs. I wasn’t able to figure out where the “f(x) marry me!” banner from fx-oxygen was located lol :( tragic

then there’s the actual concert. I’m not gonna do a play-by-play description or anything cause I think that’s something anyone can get to a certain extent, from videos, from setlists, from other fanaccounts that are not mine haha. what I really want to try to convey is the atmosphere

there’s just something about being surrounded by periwinkle, being surrounded by fellow fans, feeling that sense of excitement that no language barrier can destroy. a feeling that started from before the concert, when a sm coex ad was shown, and as shinee and exo and rv and snsd members flashed on by, it was luna, our luna, f(x)’s vitamin luna, the eternal unpopular bridesmaid, who got the loudest cheers. because this was an f(x) concert

it was that same feeling that was conveyed when paper heart started playing (paper heart that hurt me, just a little, when sulli’s unedited voice started in on the first line). the lights dimmed. paper heart started playing. no one had come onto stage. yet the whole venue rose up in a scream.

oh, and the fanchants. they started a bit awkward. I myself fumbled with the fanchant guide provided by a fansite. I didn’t want to do it wrong, people were trying to do it right, the suddenly changed fanchants with sulli’s name excised were strange tonguetwisters. but as the night continued, that abated. we had so many songs without official fanchants. we had so many songs with official fanchants whose official ones were discarded in our excitement. we were spontaneous and screaming and overly-enthusiastic, we sang entire segments of the song (in step, for instance, we sang all the nananas in step, including the ones that went on for like 5 seconds straight lmao?)

this all came to a boil around rppp, when the entire venue was just SCREAMING the fanchant and it wasn’t awkward or fumbling anymore it was just natural and happy and excited??

and omg. airplane. fx-union arranged a thing where at the end of the song, we threw periwinkle paper airplanes at the stage, at the girls. and they would drop from the higher areas down to the lower, and those people would throw them farther onto the stage, it was beautiful, I was emotional.

amber was a godsend, she got us up on our feet and screaming SO OFTEN. jumping up and down, waving our lightsticks maniacally, screaming at the top of our lungs. the energy was so high, especially during the later parts of the show.

during the encore, it really felt like we were singing back to them. like, during all night, we shouted “all night” every time it came up, like we want to stay with you all night, and an almost call and response thing during ending page…I felt so connected. to f(x), to the crowd of fellow f(ans), to the periwinkle all around me……..

I hope I never forget this night