Winterguard - Soldier Class

To start off with the Kingdom Hearts World Study Project, for the character design segment, I designed a solder-class Heartless based off the Arendelle Guards.

They are mostly seen on the snow but will chase the gang onto icy surfaces as well. Once they are on the ice, they act like hockey players in a sense. They have this attack where they lodge their lance into the ice and spin rapidly. They become disoriented and confused so that’s your time to strike! (Note, they are actually more vulnerable on ice, because they are actually bad skaters and they will drop munny if they slip)

In terms of personality, I think they are serious but clumsy as well. The hat clearly is the brains and I imagine, if their attack misses or if they slip on ice, the hat will fuss about, stretch and reprimand them. 

I figure that the Winterguards would be a manifestation of Hans’ desire for loyalty and respect, or a representation of the people of Arendelle’s desire for the winter to end through the means. 

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Heya guys! 

Sorry I haven’t been updating for a while but for this new year, I was busy working on this guest comic book cover of Veiled and Vile!

Basically it’s like Orange is the New black - with superpowers! The characters look rad as!

I am absolutely honoured to be able to work on this and you guys should check it out here too! There’s also a kickstarter coming out in a few days and you all should check that out as well! 

I’ll Try Anything Once - The Strokes
Where I’m Going - Cut Copy
I Know I Don’t Know - Jonquil
Book of Stories - The Drums
Lights (Shook Remix) - Ellie Goulding
Without A Focus - The Rosebuds
Always Spring - I’m From Barcelona
The Great Unknown - Fenech-Soler
Climbing Walls - Strange Talk
Not Over - Bag Raiders
My Heart Rate Rapid - Metronomy
Apply Some Pressure - Maxïmo Park
Que Veux-Tu? (Eumig & Chinon Remix) - YELLE
Call It What You Want - Foster the People
Kiss of Life - Friendly Fires


Elsa’s Fear - Arendelle. Kairi Scenario

For the Kingdom Hearts Study Project, for the storyboard segment I did a Kairi Scenario event where she stumbles upon Maleficent manipulating Elsa into the Darkness. 

One of the reasons I think Arendelle would be a great world in the Kingdom Hearts series is that there is a strong parallelism between Fear/Darkness and how Love/Light will always be there to guide the way. 

In some ways, I found it hard to understand Frozen, but if I related Elsa’s fears and anxiety relating to darkness, then everything really becomes a lot more clear. But really I can only blame that on myself.

I’m not completely sure if Maleficent would really still be an enemy in KH3 after the events in 3D but I’m sure she will still be trying to gather her own army to control the worlds, hence why she is attempting to recruit Elsa. She is still pretty much an antagonist from where we left off.

As for why Kairi was chosen for this event is because I think she is similar to Anna, being one full of love and compassion, willing to see the good. Much like when she saw Riku, despite being in his Ansem SOD form in TWTNW, she can see Elsa for being Elsa despite that fear, and having such a pure heart, I think she can really see through this and be able to tell Elsa that even though there are dark times, you aren’t denied of love/light and that there will always be a way. 

10 points for anyone that can see the parallelism back in first KH game. 

Pen on paper - (scanned and edited) 

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