and harry did again

dirty-mikey’s follow forever!!!!

I want to thank everyone for following me, you’re all amazing.

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I have many things to tell you but i prefer just thank you for letting my dash always beautiful and you are perfect people and have a perfect blogs. I love each of you guys.

i love these blogs: (in no particular order)
blogs that don’t follow me but i love:

This is it, guys. I really must have forgotten a lot of people, it’s cuz i’m nervous but i’ll make others and i’m enjoying and remembering other blogs and in the next maybe will have more people here.

“Cause I got three little words that I’ve always been dying to tell you” <3



I hope you have an amazing birthday with a lots of cake and presents and everything!!

lksjdfls i know we have known eachother for a small time but i already love you so much okay kldjfslkd and i wish the best for you <3333 

and your photoshop skills like omfg just sigh teach me your ways ok sdklfjsld

let me be the first to admit that i am not the best blogger when it comes to making friends. i basically keep to myself and quietly like and reblog from my dash. however, i felt a strong need to make a follow forever so here it is. merry christmas everyone :)

❄ kryptoniall ❄ tommowinter ❄ hayyr ❄ malijuanastyles ❄ dragdirection ❄ zayncangetsome ❄ coronaniall ❄ jinglebellsniall ❄ niallersirishfurby ❄ ziall ❄ lirrylirry ❄ harryniips ❄ samwch ❄ onedirectiondukedom ❄ nialllhoran ❄ craiciswhack ❄ oksanta ❄ niallmyirishsnowflake ❄ louiswilliams ❄ cunniallingual ❄ downonsanta ❄ bionicniall ❄ bradfordangel ❄ whatscraicen ❄ punkasslouis ❄ slammingsanta ❄ colormenarry ❄ noshirtnoblouse ❄ niallar ❄ liompayne ❄ calderholic ❄ blowingniall ❄ punkdirections ❄ doncasturbate ❄ notnialler ❄ jandjob ❄ narrymoan ❄ malikpain ❄ fuckliam ❄ javaddempire ❄ sexgodliam ❄ eggsnogging ❄ bangcaster ❄ buzzzcuts ❄ holdmetightniall ❄ craichella ❄ skytopniall ❄ craicthatniall ❄ wolvermates ❄ fivesus ❄ styzles ❄ zaynharry ❄ sirfrostydick ❄ moondoggiestyle ❄ fallenpayne ❄ harryriles ❄ nirisheyes ❄ malikplanet ❄ thestoryischanging ❄ awlou ❄ thetomlinshow ❄ tomlinswell ❄ niallsmainsqueez ❄ feelofyourskin ❄ horangecrush ❄ teamelounor ❄ mullingarlust ❄ allisondoes1d ❄ touchmeniall ❄ endnarry2014 ❄ liamspayne ❄ liameverdeen ❄ dirtsbag ❄ ohziall ❄ caldersanta ❄ harryedweirdo ❄ zaynandharrypls ❄ hahacries ❄ stripperforstyles ❄ ziamsex ❄ santasdildo ❄ narryspankme ❄ drowningwithoutodair ❄ brizzlefromtheblock ❄ thecalderlookbook ❄ harryhickey ❄ propergoodlike ❄ lovelyeleanorcalder ❄ dresslike-1d ❄ souljapayne ❄ nialler ❄ liferuiners1d ❄ midnightmemoeries ❄ direct-news ❄ zaynpretendingtowank ❄ eleanorcaldher ❄ nozayn ❄frightomlinson ❄ triharrytops ❄ thegurlfriends ❄ justelounor ❄ fuckmypussyniall ❄ calderx ❄ hollanrodin ❄ craicfrost ❄ ollymurs ❄

You guys are basically amazing. Whether it is your flawless Photoshop skills, your witty text posts and tags, or even your great taste in reblogs, I just appreciate all of your existences. Thanks for making my dashboard super special, and thanks for catering to my fangirl needs, whether it be harry potter, doctor who, sherlock, or one direction. I’ve talked to a lot of you, so thanks for being kind and oh so sweet. You guys just make me cry a lot of tears when I’m alone and contemplating the meaning of life (and this gif is how I look like at these vulnerable moments of time). Thanks for being wonderful, all of you. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, since I made this 3:30 in the morning, so please forgive me. Everyone in my blogroll is perfection.

In no particular order (I was too lazy and tired to alphabetize and link):
kryptoniall | harrymilwards | starksfell | nakedirection | edwstyles | likes-boys | kneeyum | playedtilmyfingersbled | feelpayne | whiteskimos | baskervillles | mullinger | everlark | accioarthur | blamestyles | joshdevines | epicdirection | horanland | dropitstyles | fallenforpayne | hollerthenialler | thefake1d | paynut | mr-styles | lawyerupasshole | flordemort | klausible | ruperts | merlinsfuckingbeard | calikalie | zaynjavadds | holmeseque | demoniac | +blogroll