kryptek typhon


Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Black, nickel plated and gold are generally the signature Desert Eagle finish options most people are familiar with, Magnum Research does offer them in other options. Kryptek Highlander is one of the newer finishes, along with Kryptek Typhon, Burnt Bronze, Post Apocalyptic and a series of animal prints ranging from Zebra, Cheetah and Snakeskin. (GRH)

POF 415

A piston driven AR-15 variant from Patriot Ordnance Factory refinished in the Kryptek “Typhon” pattern. Current Gen 4 models of the 415 come with the M.R.R (Modular Railed Receiver) that allow for removal or installation of top and bottom rails for the handguard. The handguard itself is proprietary to the 415 upper because it sleeves over a raised portion on the receiver that only POF and Hogan firearms incorporate into their design. (GRH)

  • Me: I'm fine, I enjoyed it.
  • Me (internally): How much money did 5.11 sink into Jurassic World? Their product placement wasn't as obvious as, say, Samsung or Starbucks or Coca Cola but that's only because they're not a household name yet. There was some conspicuous lingering on the ACU's armour vests (tactec plate carriers in storm with kryptek typhon) and some totally anonymous tourist wearing a rush 24 kept standing around next to Chris Pratt. Is this what William Gibson talks about in Zero History? Am I the ahead of that target audience by spotting the subliminal or am I playing along perfectly? How many other people are sat in the audience wincing at the bad trigger discipline and wondering why ACU would even wear plate carriers when their primary threat is unarmed and mobility would be a priority? How did that pteranodon's beak kill the co-pilot in the helicopter when he was wearing a damn ballistic plate? Was that gun from Chris Pratt's personal collection?