kryptek typhon

POF 415

A piston driven AR-15 variant from Patriot Ordnance Factory refinished in the Kryptek “Typhon” pattern. Current Gen 4 models of the 415 come with the M.R.R (Modular Railed Receiver) that allow for removal or installation of top and bottom rails for the handguard. The handguard itself is proprietary to the 415 upper because it sleeves over a raised portion on the receiver that only POF and Hogan firearms incorporate into their design. (GRH)

In case some of you forgot…… we still make Battle Damage holsters for you super dedicated T.REX ARMS fans out there. This one in Kryptek Typhon with Predator green blood. #battledamageholster #battledamage #trexholster #kryptektyphon #kryptek #typhon #streamlight #sig #sig226 #kydex #kydexdaily #kydexholsters #doyouevenkydexbro

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Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Black, nickel plated and gold are generally the signature Desert Eagle finish options most people are familiar with, Magnum Research does offer them in other options. Kryptek Highlander is one of the newer finishes, along with Kryptek Typhon, Burnt Bronze, Post Apocalyptic and a series of animal prints ranging from Zebra, Cheetah and Snakeskin. (GRH)

Review: Triple 7 Gear Kit

The first thing that hits you about these kits is the quality. The second thing is that the closure isn’t a zip or velcro.

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@metalhead_1 Shall not be infringed… Badass @primaryweapons MK107 Diablo pistol in @kryptekoutdoorgroup Kryptek Typhon, with @xtechtactical ATG adjustable angle grip, @xproducts X15S drum, @leupoldoptics HAMR, @inforce01 WML, @zerobravoinc RHS, & @sigsauerinc SB15 brace at @otbfirearms. And my matching @reebok Limited Edition Kryptek Typhon boots.

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As of this morning, the second generation of these amazing pouches by 20dollarbandit are available for purchase. For those of you who don’t remember we featured the original generation (here) with a fathers day discount and they were a massive success. 

The evolutions of this pouch are perhaps subtle, but important. The retention pocket depth has been increased and a Made in USA tag has been added to testify to the quality of the build. The quality of finish, the fit and form of the pouch has been increased massively (and it wasn’t even bad to start with!). There is also now a Kryptek Typhon and Backpacking Brown colour option, as well as the standard colours.

Not only are these latest versions fractionally cheaper, but Pack Config is excited to be able to offer a 15% DISCOUNT for the whole weekend if you enter the code “PACK CONFIG” in the checkout process. I have a few on their way and I can’t wait to test them out. Full reviews will be posted up on their arrival, but don’t hang around or you’ll miss out on the discount!

To purchase or find out more visit the 20$Bandit site here