krylon cans


this is Hazel, my modded Iplehouse Lisa/5Stardoll hybrid. her head is the gray resin human head from the Iplehouse Addiction series, but i modded elf ears on with apoxie sculpt. i’m awful at thinking up super detailed backstories for my dolls, but i tend to think of her as a dark elf child, not a vampire. (this despite the fact that i have yet to make her an actual dunmer outfit, while she has a nice baby goth wardrobe…)

her body is a 30cm yo-sd size body from 5Stardoll; it’s shorter and a little chubbier than the Iplehouse KID body she would normally come on. her parts are all painted to match with Krylon Fusion. this was my first painted doll project. i originally tried to dye her body gray to match her head, and it came out looking like something i fished out of a trash can. i’d seen @sicktress with painted dolls on DoA around that time, so i got a can of Krylon Fusion, looked up her work/asked her for a few pointers, and painted over my monstrous dye fail…

these pics are from a few years ago, when i first finished putting her together. she’s had a faceup upgrade since then, but these are a) halloween pics and b) still some of my favorite Hazel photos ever (also i am still hella proud of my misfits skull pumpkin!) 


Fun Project…
I recently bought a kayak (Our Generation 18" doll accessory from Target) for my Sanjay (Iplehouse JID Daniel).

Perfect size but he wasn’t too keen on the colour (salmon pink with transparent pink glittery paddles) so with the help of a can of Krylon, I made the vessel a much more manly colour.

The kayak is watertight and floats great, but tips over OH SO EASY!!

No problem, I got some ¼" pvc pipe and assorted couplings and a 99 cent pool noodle and made a stabilizer!! I lashed it onto the kayak with a boot lace (Yay Girl Scout knot skills!)

We are just about ready to embark on an outdoor adventure! Sanjay is SO excited!! I am too.

I'm opening '50 Shades of Grey' to a random page and posting what I find.

“Oh, crikey!” I said, as he started humping my butt. “You’re humping my butt real good like that.”

“Shut up, Darlene,” he said, as we butthumped.

“My name is Amy.”

“Shut up,” he said again emptying a can of Krylon spray paint into the back of my head. I realized he’d said my name wrong on purpose to horny me up. This was the first time my butt had ever had a humping put in it.

“Unghyeeagh!” he said, reaching his climact. He had made my butt into a butt goddess on the inside. 

“Mm,” I murmured, the way the slaves did.

“Now lie down on the bed in all the butt juice,” he told me, climbing into his diaper. My butt sighed. 

my dizzee x thor fics

rare & beautiful – Thor paints Dizzee’s nails.

far away – He feels at peace. One with the universe. The stars above them are twinkling and bright and Dizzee knows that a long time ago, before their time on Earth, their atoms were drawn towards each other when the universe was created. It’s a feeling he can’t quite explain. It’s a feeling he’s never felt before.

in and out of tune – Before Thor, Dizzee had never felt this way about someone. He’d had crushes on girls that lasted for two weeks at most, but nothing like this. Maybe it was because it was new, it was a boy that’s been taking his breath away and inspiring his hands to move freely with cans of Krylon. But he knows that isn’t the case. It isn’t because Thor’s a boy, it’s because they have something he never dreamed of knowing. Never thought he was lucky enough to know.