Soooooo, if you’ve ever wondered what the hell I’m talking about when I tag either Needles Into a Bug or Nerd Rage. I want you to now think of these drawings.

Please and thank you.

I. Actually no. Don’t even ask what brought this on. Because I regret nothing.

Kruvni, the yellowblood, is mine.

Sepick, the cutie violet, is Qwire’s.

Vehkan, the saucy blueblood, is Wolfie’s.

Little worms and fishes: Sepick and Kruvni RP

>> You are dreaming, it’s a nice dream full of crap you love. Like those fucking unicorns and shit? Prancing around in a field of misty flowers that kinda look like faces. Shit got creepy real quick. Yeah- man you just conked the fuck out after that last hit, and what a better way to celebrate than by sleeping? 


((Here it goes - the official release which Kruvni apparently never got? Um … yeah, my bad.))

Your name is KRUVNI SUCHUR, you are 10 SWEEPS old, and you’ve got MINIMAL SOCIAL SKILLS and a thing for NEEDLES.

Something of anodd-jobsmanyou make quite the profit on your myriad of marketable crafting skills - PIERCINGACCUPUNCTURE/massage therapy, and SEWING - all tradeable for what you find to be the most valuable collateral of all: SECRETS. Deep within your hive lies an intricate filing system where you have mountains of secrets, both big and small, stored away on the off chance you just might happen to need a little DIRT or INTEL on your fellow trolls. After all, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, isn’t it? If you learned anything from your dear old HOOKWORM DAD, it would have to be that you have to play your cards right to make it as an underdog. That, and that PARASITES like you have a role to play in the grander scheme of things. 

You have never been a troll inclined toward SUBTLETY and having no qualms with sapping off of the weaknesses of those around you - and PINPOINTING those weaknesses is a skill you have worked hard to develop. Given all of this, it should come as no surprise that your most succesful marketing venture by far happens to be the discrete ONLINE BUSINESS you run, which may or may not provide trolls with the opportunity to bring their SICKEST, STRANGEST, and KINKIEST fantasies to life by way of an ingeniusely designed system which allows you to regulate and KEEP RECORD of these private sessions by way of your personal HUSKTOP deep within the recesses of your secluded cave-hive.

Speaking of KINKS, you have quite a few of them yourself, including but not limited to: SCARIFICATIONKNIFE PLAYVOYERISM and a thing for ASPHYXIATION. Needless to say, you might be prone to both SADISTIC and MASOCHISTIC tendancies. You don’t like to talk about it much, but judging by how you like to keep your DISTANCE from most other trolls, there had to be something in your past that left SCARRING worse than those you so proudly flaunt; despite your inherently sexual nature and your absolute lack of subtlety regarding the act, you’ve been baring your bare quadrants for a few sweeps now, and seem to be making no effort to fill them.

SIX FEET, THREE INCHES tall and THIN AS A RAIL, you walk, talk and gesture with a serious SLOUCH and can nearly always be seen baring that pronounced SCOWL of yours. Your voice is about as graceful as your body language, being notably NASALLY. Yeah, there’s really no point in denying it - you’re a bit of a WEIRDO, all in all. But you count on that in maintaining your distance from other trolls. When all else fails, though, you take some comfort in the fact that almost nobody wants to maintain extended conversation with a guy who's SEWN OPEN his own EYES.

Spending a fair amount of time on the net, you most have a trollian tag and it is sewingDiscord.


Normally all lowercase, replacing ‘s’s with ‘3’s in a reflection of his lisp, as well as some vowels with ‘a’s in reflection of just how nasally his greasy voice can be. When upset however, his capitalization becomes inconsistent and the inclusion of numbers as letters more frequent. In all cases, your hard “-kah” sounds are emphasized by surrounding asterisks.

“3o li*K*e when i tell people how fa*CK*ing dumb 3hit i3, i do it li*K*e thi3.

8uT WHEN I geT reallLY faCKing PI33eD OfF, I MeAn IT G3t3 moar LIke TH13. Y0U. 4AcKheAD3.”


Did a bunch of scanning today, and found a few hidden doodles I’d never actually put up here, for some reason or another. So here you are kiddlets: top left is Tobbidon being a smug bastard, next to that is him devouring a troll head whole as is his signature. Bottom left is Lizera all kinds of excited about … something, I guess, and beside that is Kruvni looking decidedly unexcited about something. I guess.