So much new music.  man i been on the grind lately.  Its overwhelming how progressive music has become in like the past five years, year 6 months, three weeks, twenty minutes….  the culture of music has produced so many things and they become increasingly more interesting.  This playlist is all very very hot.  don’t touch.  But seriously, the band JJAMZ below, is pronounced juh-jamz so don’t sound like an ignorant music connoisseur.  and when your friends mess it up, don’t be a jerk and correct them in front of all their friends.  juh-jamz.


SPANKROCK IZ OFF THE HANDLE.  This vid wit ya gurl santigold iz proof but you really gotta listen to his new album : –> Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a F—ing Liar

I mean DOI YOUGUYZ, i like this song and you will too but the real gems are Hot Potato and Baby are spazzed out prog rap at its finest.  Its new scene hip hop, outer fringe of the radar.  Its the pickles in between the Shabazz Palaces and Flatbush Zombies.  Universe Party score is a large supreme pizza.