@anon that asked to be the third writer I’m so sorry but Nikki posted that as a joke one time BC I wasn’t working but if we ever do need a third writer we’ll let you know!

Druha #snidane? Pred #obed? Kdo vi 😄 Proste druhe #nocarb jidlo dneska ))) Grilovane kruti prsicko se zeleninou 😋 // Второй #завтрак? Пред #обед? Да кто ж его знает 😄 Просто второй #безуглеводный #приемпищи сегодня, #сушка однако… by audela_

anonymous asked:

DO u still want a new writer for Ur fic

YA kruti has decided she isn’t fully committed to our relationship as my daughter, it’s a hard time for both of us… she gotta step up but if she doesn’t I’ll contact you!!!

Lol tonight me and my friends decided to make fun of white people and be the “Multicultural Pals” {Brigitte is Bolivian and Jewish, Kruti is Indian, and I’m Jewish} and we just talked about how stupid white people are, okay and I’m really glad bc we had a lot of fun talking about white bullshit and neither of them said “but you’re white?…” just because I’m white-passing sometimes. Ohhh such fun talking about white bullshit. I loved that.

#lowcarb den, ale zacina jako kazdy jiny - michana vajicka s kruti sunkou plus cerry rajcatka 😋 // сегодня без углей, но #завтрак как обычно - яйца с ветчиной из индейки и помидорки черри 😋 by fitnessbikini.challenge