This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard

I shed tears

Krabby Patty Update!

*Plays Krusty Krab Training Video in my head

So for all my success that I share with you all in the future I’m going to title Krabby Patty instead of ‘hustle’. Why? Because the Krabby Patty is the ultimate deliciousness you could want and now I want to share my ‘Krabby Patty’ with you all. 

So this wonderful picture of my shopping spree and allowance came from two wonderful European men. English and German. 

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anonymous asked:

the fact that someone would feel suicidal bc you supposedly stole a spread (not money, not art, not writing, but a tarot friggin spread omg it's so ridiculous i can't even laugh) means either 1. they're lying or 2. maybe should've come to you in private and taken it up w you there if they felt that way. *voice from Krusty Krab training video* sounds like a lot of hoopla to me


I’m currently in Voltron hell and loving every single second of it so here are some headcanons because when am I not making any

  • Lance has a vine account called “Messing with Shiro” and it’s just like Messing with Rich but Shiro doesn’t freak out or anything he just kind of stares or he’s like “Lance” but as time goes on he goes along with it and laughs
  • Shiro can easily fall asleep if people are near so when everyone is together in the lounge he may take a nap on the couch because he feels more safe knowing everyone is near
  • Hunk and Lance make songs out of everything like this
  • I’m so for Shiro and Keith having inside jokes so if they hear or see something that reminds them of one they look at each other and have the dorkiest smiles on their face
  • Pidge has blackmail for everyone and no one knows how
  • Lance: If two guys are on the moon and one guys kills the other with a rock how fucked up would that be
    Keith: Do you wanna find out
  • Keith can crack his knuckles by making really tight fists and it freaks everyone out and he also just has a horrible habit of cracking his knuckles/fingers all the freaking time
  • Hunk talks during movies like he does his own commentary especially if it’s a movie he’s seen before
  • Pidge’s glasses use to just be for reading but then she started sitting in front of a computer screen all day and really messed up her eyesight
  • Hunk has a pet lizard back home and he really hopes his family is taking good care of it
  • Keith can’t stand being barefoot he wears socks all the time and has some with designs on them like sloths but no one knows
  • Pidge really likes having short hair because it’s much easier to take care of but she wouldn’t mind growing it out a little bit
  • Hunk knows how to play any card game possible and is really good at shuffling and Shiro is second best as shuffling
  • Everyone was in the lounge one night talking about anything that comes to mind and Allura and Coran were asking about Earth and the paladins were talking about entertainment and what they like and Lance and Hunk decided to entertain everyone by reenacting the night shift episode from Spongebob and they did it word for word with actions and continued to do it with the following episodes: The Krusty Krab Training Video, Pizza Delivery, the one where they’re selling chocolate, and when Sandy hibernates and Allura and Coran were so confused