This was supposed to be something done for Complex for the 10th anniversary of Hustle & Flow (July 22nd) that was a timeline of some rap performances in cinema but the article got axed so here it is for you all to enjoy. I was especially proud of it because it was supposed to be my first solo article. Did the research, wrote the copy, and everything. And trust me, I’m far from a journalist. Last thing I research/wrote this extensively for was college essays. 

Ah well. I guess that’s how the business goes sometimes. 

K-RUSH releases JRen- no, MinRen’s preview!

Turns out that K-RUSH editor has decided to release a MinRen preview instead, as revealed by their latest tweet! 

Original tweet: 

【4月25日(金)発売K-RUSH VOL.10】先出し未公開ショットNU'EST本日は……JRen!!といきたいところですがJRenさんは明日発売の誌面までとっておきまして(笑)、本日は花も霞む華美男ミンヒョン&レンさんペア

L.O.ㅅ.Es who ship JRen would have to wait for one more day, as the magazine would be released tomorrow. Instead, let’s enjoy this special preview featuring the flower boys of NU'EST, Busan-line Minhyun and Ren!

While it’s no JRen, we certainly wouldn’t mind some MinRen, right?

Source: K-RUSH official @KRUSH110723