fact: romione is inferior to the infinite possibility of krum x hermione

fact: they aren’t bad for each other but ron and hermione aren’t a good match

fact: hermione could still be badass and intellectual if she had some sweet sweet krum candy and going for the underdog doesnt make her better than if she had gone for the widely desired guy

fact: i’m sick of the “he’s mean to her because he loves her” BULLshit and hermione is too she would not excuse that nonsense

fact: the only good thing about romione was in deathly hallows pt 2 in the room of requirement when ron said “THATS MY GIRLFRIEND” but thats all

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Krumxhermione fics you could recommend??? Besides Air, of course lol(I am craving the ship right now)

Hello, lovely anon, thank you for your question, I love the Krumione/Vikmione ship and the following are my favourites. 

The Three Rs the plot is canon-ish with a meeting between the pair after the war.

Hermione’s New Life again post war, in this one Hermione is a Healer for the Quidditch league.

@summerisbittersweet has a wonderful story called Jolt, it’s a Drarry with a wonderful side of Hermione x Krum, reading this fic was the final push I needed to start working on Air, I love how LJ writes the World Cup as the beginning of their relationship. 

@one-with-cinderella-shoes who writes under Tiny Slippers has a delightful collection of Vikmione Stories, with some wonderful one-shots.

There are probably loads more, but these are the ones I return to most regularly - I hope this helps!