I need to be more weird.

Yesterday night, laying on my bedroom floor, I came to the conclusion that I want to be more weird and less going by apparent social standards … Because I am constantly torn between being the girl that runs at tree’s and hugs them, squeeing loudly, for no reason whatsoever and on the other hand freaks out over spilled nail polish and colour-coordinated clothes (we’re all about the browns and the creme’s atm, cha know) …

Needless to say, I need to cling to the tree-hugging, it’ll turn into a thing.

Gotta love hugging trees. They always hug back, I tell ya.

You know that moment, that random moment that sneaks up on you every now and again, out of the blue, where you look at a bunch of Renner pics and you can hardly BREATH because his smile makes your heart skip a beat? I mean, I am a fan every day but right now? Right this moment? I feel like folding in on myself with all my Renner feels and I don’t even know why because nothing happened.


Alright Den,

I’m off to sleep. It was a brilliant night, I got to talk to so many of you I’ve never REALLY talked to before - Renner fanwomen are just bloody amazing!!!!!

Can we have a convention just for us fanwomen someday? Please? So I can meet all of you and cuddle the hell out of you? Also our drunk shenanigans would probably be AWESOME!


Also, I think I’m gonna change my name to Distelhawk…. So many people have taken to.calling me kruemel because of my url and I don’t even like kruemel.

Distel, however, I’ve always loved. It’s been my nickname since I’ve been 8, it was what everyone called me when I was a punker, even my MOM called me distel sometimes. So yeah, think I’m gonna change that…

Good Morning Den!

Holy Cow with Sportshoes - here I go to sleep for a few short hours and I gain more than 30 followers?! Jesus, you giveaway-hungry crazy kids! I hope lots of find they like my blog regardless of the giveaway and stay after!

So, WELCOME YOU ALL, may you enjoy your stay, however long it turns out to be! My ask/fan-box is always open for anything, it being mindless chatter or you needing someone to talk to/to listen.

Hope you all have the best day!

Morning Den!

Guh, getting up early again… Or early-ish. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that I have work for the rest of the week, but could have done with another hour of sleep x.x

Everyone good? *hugs*

I’ browsing the web for new furniture … I am still trying to decide what to buy for my room once I’ve sold all the antiques from my mom. They are nice and everything, but not my style, so I’m trying to sell them atm.

But that also means new shelves and wardrobe and desk … and just in general, everything you’d need for an office/bedroom except a bed.

Do any of you Germans know any good places to find nice, not too expensive furniture that ISN’T IKEA *laughs*

Hey tumblr …

Hope you’re all well. I’ve somehow managed to catch a cold or something and am now about to sleep so I won’t be a total wreck at work tomorrow.

Damnit, I miss you all … Easter cannot come quickly enough, fucks sake <.<

If it all works out, wusch and myself might even have a little easter surprise for you … it will be Renner related. Everyone, keep your fingers and toes crossed!