tbh my mind is blown every time i think about ferguson

a bunch of people are pouring so much energy and effort into making sure a white man gets away with murder like I literally cannot comprehend the amount of hatred racism must invoke in some people to keep fighting the citizens asking for basic human respect and justice  

sorry for the lack of updates here finals+graduation+packing to move from one side of the country to another has taken over my life :’( 

I’ll be posting more starting june! (hopefully! if con prep doesnt suck me into a void!)

i love how the creators of Avatar and LoK just outright said it: korra is bisexual and korrasami is canon (x) (x)

its so fucking refreshing to see content creators of a huge franchise be unambiguous about a queer romantic endgame no “wellll you can choose to interpret it that way bUT-” there’s not buts or maybes its real guys. i hope this is a precursor to something bigger in the mainstream media and we get to see more equal representation of everything

headcanon: before steve and tony start dating, steve sees tony struggling to reach for something in the high shelf of the pantry, so steve naturally goes over and says “let me help you” and instead of doing this the easy way and reaching for the thing himself, he grabs tony around the waist and lifts him up (steve doesnt realize what he’s done until tony’s hoisted in the air and tony is too shocked to actually struggle and just says a bewildered thank you)

(after they start dating, tony jokes about how he can scrap that machine he was building to reach for things in tall places because steve can just lift him up)

omg 616 clint barton tho

Barton is skilled with swords, knives, nunchukus, staffs and is one of the few people to be able to properly handle Captain America's shield.

Not only Hawkeye is fluent in English, his mother tongue, but also in Italian

clint can use steve’s shield and clint knows italian

clint and tony bickering in iTALIAN