dedicatedfollower467  asked:

kru ur like the only person i follow who regularly tables at cons; do you have any advice for a newbie? i'm planning to table at a very small con in march and i would love some tips/pointers!

OK id say the biggest thing is to be prepared- assemble a toolbag/kit with things from scissors, tape (scotch tape and duct tape), sticky notes for quick price+ signage, sharpies, cardstock paper for more quick signage, whatever else u might need.

get a table cloth, plan out display beforehand, make sure to have a moneybag/box (KEEP IT CLOSE TO U ALL TIMES…infact a fanny pack might be best)

change- lots of 1s 5s 10s, since most ppl will have 20s

dont print too many copies of a thing esp prints, honestly i only bring like 5-10 copies of any one print, sometimes…like 2-3 even (unless its one of those very rare ones that sell…and even then its like 15-20 at most)

MAKE SURE U HAVE ID/BARCODE/SELLERS PERMIT whatever u need to pick up ur badge! also bring a water bottle and keep urself hydrated

@artistsalleyinfo is also a good resource blog! good luck! :D