I was asked to do this, so.... yeah. Why not?

Kind of hard for me to do this since I have very few followers, but whatever. *shrugs*

1. I slept for 16 hours out of the whole day once and I have a tendency to sleep almost the same amount often because I like dreaming.

2. I walk at the same exact rhythm as whatever music I’m listening to. If someone causes me to mess up, I will immediately switch feet and get back into the rhythm as if nothing had ever happened.

3. I role play a guy 99% of the time because I like the sense of acting like a completely different person. It is really rare for me to role play a girl. (RPing in tumblr confuses me though to be perfectly honest. I do want to continue roleplaying, but I have no idea how it works on this site.)

4. I have pretty much no sense of taste when it comes to kool aid (which I no longer drink anyway). As a kid, I would dump an insane amount of sugar into the pitcher because I couldn’t taste anything.

5. I am pretty bad at all other fine arts except singing. Strangely enough though, I still signed up to help with choreography for musicals back in middle school because I had nothing better to do.

All the people in the tags I pass this onto. I’m only sending the actual message to the people I know irl though because I’m lazy and I get the feeling they might actually do it.

I am so sorry for those people who are still following me since I even started this blog.

I used to have a bunch of quotes and original poems and whatnot from when I was having really bad anxiety.And don’t get me wrong I still do but it’s just sort of different now. I can’t express it the way I used to. 

And now I’m just spamming you guys with ships and anime and I feel so horrible.

Really if you want to unfollow me that’s fine. If anybody wants to unfollow me go ahead and do it.