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under the cut, you will find #217 gif icons of KIM JONGDAE, as requested by anonymous. he’s most well known as a member of Exo! we do not own any of the gifs & if you see your gif and would like it removed, send us a message. all gifs were found, resized, and recoloured by JAMIE. please do not redistribute, or claim as your own. like or reblog if using! tw: guns, flashing lights

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Baekhyun is wanted at enrapture

Grindr ain’t wiser, Jack’t is wack, Scruff ain’t rough enough, and Growlr just doesn’t have the type of audience that caters to the famous men loving faces of South Korea. Word on the street is that Enrapture is the meeting app that has the sexiest men and the most fun. Meet afriend, alover, a forever, or a never again!

So download Enrapture today on any smartphone and get captivated~

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Kim Minseok is wanted in the Forsaken City

Inhumans.  Immortals.  Monsters.
They go by many names.  The city of Seoul in South Korea has become a home and sanctuary to a vast and ever growing number of these strange and dangerous beings.  They lurk within the shadows, waiting for humanity to turn its back; to sin and love beneath the moonlight, to remain safe while the sun, and the dangers it brings, are out.

Do you have what it takes to join them?

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                                ❝ I am a Lost Boy from Neverland,
                                usually hanging out with Peter Pan,
                                and when we’re bored we { play } in the woods,
                                always on the run from Captain Hook.
                                “Run run, lost boy” they say to me,
                                away from all of r e a l i t y.
                                Neverland is [ h o m e ] to lost boys like me,
                                and lost boys like me are f r e e. ❞

Q: What did the pony say when it had a sore throat?
A: I apologize, I am a little horse!

I’ll make it short before you all die of boredom. Okay so this is simple: I need friends. Mind reblogging or following me?

♤ I can be cute if you want.
♤ I’ll feed you.
♤ I’ll give you kisses and cuddles.
♤ I’ll tell you bad jokes.
♤ I have no friends.
♤ I’m bored and lonely.

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