• [ ☎ ] my muse calls yours in tears.
  • [ ✪ ] our muses are stuck in an elevator together.
  • [ ◐ ] my muse is having a sleepover with your muse.
  • [ ✿ ] my muse attempts to cook dinner for your muse.
  • [ ◈ ] my muse makes a drunk confession to your muse.
  • [ ღ ] my muse makes an attempt to cheer your muse up.
  • [ ✦ ] my muse pushes yours out of frustration/anger.
  • [ ❢ ] my muse discovers yours all bloodied and bruised.
  • [ ➤ ] my muse accidentally punches your muse in the face.
  • [ ⌚ ] my muse recalls their favorite memory with your muse.
  • [ ✜ ] my muse collapses in front of yours, all bloodied and bruised.
  • [ ☯ ] my muse tells yours that they never want to see them again.
  • [ ✈ ] my muse asks yours to accompany them on a trip/mission/etc.
  • [ ● ] my muse catches yours snooping through their belongings.
  • [ ☻ ] my muse wakes up in your muse’s closet the night after a party.
  • [ ✌ ] my muse reaches out to yours after months of no communication.
  • [ ☢ ] the car broke down in an unfamiliar part of town, and our muses are lost.
  • [ ✠ ] it’s three in the morning and my muse unexpectedly arrives at your muse’s home.
  • [ ☁ ] the entire city is without power due to a storm, and our muses run into each other during a supply run.

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0139 - signs' favorite kinks
  • aries: spontaneous sex, d/s, angry sex
  • taurus: foodplay, receiving oral, lots of foreplay
  • gemini: phone sex, dirty talk, cooperative masturbation
  • cancer: spanking, roleplay, sex toys
  • leo: exhibitionism, being filmed, erotic photography
  • virgo: humiliation, submission, public sex
  • libra: dressing up (lingerie), voyeurism, threesomes/orgies
  • scorpio: bondage, erotic torture, master/slave
  • sagittarius: one-night stands, adventurous sex, limitless sex
  • capricorn: s&m, power exchange, desire for authority
  • aquarius: cyber sex, unpredictable sex, (more) open sexuality
  • pisces: pleasing their partner, prolonged teasing, roleplay
Plots based on kpop songs

Toy || Block B- Character A is in love with Character B, but Character B is just playing with Character A, and isn’t invested in the relationship. Key Line: “because you are the only one for me// and to you I am one of many.”

Bad || Infinite- typical bad girl/bad boy scenario, where the Character A comes and goes from Character B’s life in waves. Key Line: “you come to me like you have me/ you wrap around me/ then you disappear like a dream.”

Blood, Sweat, Tears || BTS - Character A gives their all in the relationship, and Character B is alluring and dangerous. A toxic relationship where Character A is more than willing to be hurt by Character B. Key Lines: “peaches and cream/sweeter than sweet/chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings/ but your wings are devil’s wings.”

Whistle || BLACKPINK - Character A finds Character B to be the most beautiful/handsome person. Character A is sought after, but only wants to be with Character B. Key Lines: “Don’t pass me by/if you can’t forget me either/my heart for you is fire.”

Liar Liar || Oh My Girl- Character A has a crush on Character B, but gets insecure and jealous when other people flirt with Character B, so refuses to own up to their crush. Typical “admire from afar” plot, or unrequited love. Key Lines: “not yet, not yet//I can’t tell him. Who’s that, who’s that//The pretty girl who said hi.”

Call Me Baby || EXO- Characters A and B are total strangers who meet suddenly, and Character A is immediately infatuated with them. Character proceeds to flirt and do anything to try and get with Character B. Key line: “I’ll do what I need to be the man by your side.”

Eyes, Nose Lips || Taeyang- Characters A and B are breaking up. Character A wants the breakup to go smoothly, but Character B is a mess. Character B was possessive to the point of them breaking up over it. Key line: “my selfishness that couldn’t let you go/my obsession that imprisoned you.”

If You || BIGBANG- Characters A and B are exes. It was a mutual breakup, but Character B is looking back on it and regretting the decision to break up with Character A. Character B realizes that they have to move on anyway, but they can’t. Key Line: “If it’s not too late, can’t we get back together?

Beautiful Liar || VIXX LR- Character A is a cold person who has trouble expressing their feelings. They hide their feelings and hurt Character B to make Character B leave them because they believe that Character B is too good for them, and that they are ruining Character B. Key Line:as I replay your face when you screamed go away/ I’m tainting our memories that were beautiful.”

Just Right || GOT7 - Characters A and B are dating. Character A is incredibly insecure about themselves, and believes that Character B shouldn’t be with them. Character B does everything in their power to make Character A see that they are perfect. Key Lines: “if you just stay the way you are now/ i want nothing more so don’t change anything.”

Like A Cat || AOA- Character A is a exotic dancer at a club. Character B is a wealthy person who comes in and pays high dollar to see Character A dance, to the point that Character A agrees to meet with them. Character B tries all the tricks to sleep with Character A, who is pleasantly surprised by the attention. Key Lines: “You say you’ve never seen a girl like me before/that you had a feeling as soon as you saw me/ said that I especially shined/even among the many people.”

Ah Choo || Lovelyz- Character A is your stereotypical domestic partner, and has a crush on Character B. Character A is incredibly sweet and shy, and is too afraid to go up to Character B, but leaves little notes and handmade snacks for Character B at work/school/whatever fits the scenario. Key Lines: “there’s so many things I want to tell you/my lips tickle and it’s hard to hold back.”

I’m Sorry || CNBLUE- Character A doesn’t like Character B anymore, but Character B doesn’t seem to understand that. Character A makes it a point to leave things early, and break off contact, but Character B doesn’t understand the implications. It is a breakup that is being avoided. Key lines: “you said you loved me/that i was the only one for you/but those were all lies.”


Send one of the prompts below to get a response from my muse.

drunk texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) plea se eh elep me im drunk and i dotn know whe re i am
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i fukcing miss yo u
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i look so fuckigjn GOOD
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i csnst stop throwiging up
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fu ck you  for hurting me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why dotn you ever call me anymore huh
  • ( ✉ → sms ) stop being so fuckigjn borign and coekm to my party
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i dropped my pzziza o nt eh floror im fuckgin pissed
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i j sut left you a 3 mintue long voicemail singing. sorry
  • ( ✉ → sms ) even when i’m durnk ic ant sotp thinking about oyu

hateful texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) you’re pathetic
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you make me miserable
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck you. delete my number.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you never meant anything to me, anyway.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck your apologies, you can keep them.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) congrats on always ruining everything
  • ( ✉ → sms ) my life would be so much easier without you.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) and next time you feel like calling me… don’t.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i don’t want anything to do with you anymore.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) if your goal was to make me hate you, then congratulations. mission accomplished.

misc/random texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) i think my neighbor is an alien.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) help me think of a name for my new dog
  • ( ✉ → sms ) sooooo… what was your first impression of me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) should i get pizza or chicken wings for dinner?
  • ( ✉ → sms ) no one’s ever made me feel the way you do.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i borrowed your weed. hope you don’t mind.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why do they say drugs are bad when they make you feel so good
  • ( ✉ → sms ) today is the oldest you’ve ever been, but the youngest you’ll ever be again…
  • ( ✉ → sms ) [ File Attached: 001329.jpg ] of all the drunk pictures i have of you, this one is my favorite.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i used your pics to catfish someone, and since they bought me a laptop… you have a date with them tomorrow.
The 1975 inspired starters!


  • “Man I’m so high. I think I love you.”
  • “I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck.”
  • “You look so cool”
  • “I know when you’re around because I know the sound of your heart.”
  • “You should be loving someone”
  • “I like it when you sleep for you so beautiful and yet so unaware of it.”
  • “I love you, don’t you mind.”
  • “I know it’s me that’s supposed to love you.”
  • “This must be my dream.”
  • “I want you now.”
  • “This song is about me and I love you…”


  • “So I heard you found somebody else…”
  • “Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war”
  • “You’re walking overdose…”
  • “You call yourself a friend?”
  • “You’re cold and I burn, I guess I’ll never learn.”
  • “Why don’t figure my heart out?”
  • “If I told you I need you, is that what you want?”
  • “Our love has gone cold.”
  • “I wanna see you but you’re not mine.”
  • “Does he take care of you, or could I easily fill his shoes?”
  • “I can’t give you my soul”
  • “You just write about sex and killing yourself and how you hardly ever went to school”


  • “Finding a girl who’s equally as pretty won’t be hard.”
  • “I’m done baby, I’m out of the scene.”
  • “You’re mad thinking you could ever save me.”
  • “What does it matter if I lie to you?”
  • “You got a beautiful face but got nothing to say.”
  • “Love me if that’s what you wanna do.”
  • “Man you’re putting me up on a shelf.”
  • “You and your fit friends, I’d take them all out anyday.”
  • “I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else.”
  • “I just had a change of heart”
  • “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, now you just look like anyone.”
  • “Why do you talk so loud?”
  • “What happened to just messing around?”
  • “ You know I can’t be found with you”
  • “ It’s not about reciprocation it’s just all about me”


  • “Oh I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind?”
  • “And she just wants to feel something and I don’t think that’s asking for too much.”
  • “ I can’t believe that we’re talking about him”
  • “I’ve been so worried ‘bout you lately. You look shit and you smell a bit.”
  • “I think he might die!”
  • "If you don’t wanna go to hell then, Miss, you better start selling this.”
  • “And in the end, she chose cocaine but it couldn’t fix her brain”
  • “ I think you can tell I haven’t been doing too well”


  • “If you wanna find love then you know where the city is”
  • “We’re all just the same, what a shame.”
  • “Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl.”
  • “If I’m lost then how can I find myself?”
  • “They’re just girls breaking hearts.”
  • “You say I’m such a cliché”
  • “When the smoke is in your eyes you look so alive.”
  • “So far it’s alright.”
  • “Well I think we better go.”
  • “What’s the fun in doing what you’re told?”
  • “I’m petrified of being alone, it’s pathetic I know…”
  • “If we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck”
  • “ Don’t you wanna take me up in the clouds?”
  • “You know he likes to get blown”
  • “Well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes?”
  • “ You call me when you’re bored and you’re playing with yourself”


i am not korean (or asian) so i won’t make my own opinion post about it but this conversation has been brought up recently and it’s something that’s never really crossed my mind, and i think it needs to be addressed, but it seems like the krpc (and rpc in general) is sleeping on it…… it regards the romanticization of korean culture and the fetishizing of koreans (and east asians).

@ginzys​ has discussed it here and @deleteitrp​ has discussed it here, here, here, and here. i strongly suggest everyone that joins/creates krps & everyone that chooses to only play kpop fcs give these posts a read and evaluate your actions, ESPECIALLY if you are non poc, thanks.

           aim is discontinuing the international version 

some of you will probably not care but there are people who will be bothered by this. March 20th will be the last day for people outside of the United States to be able to use AIM on mobile - you will only be able to log in by going to the site itself - . i have had a lot a people in the past and even now who use the mobile app religously and this will affect them ; i’m sure some will be like, well you can always request the desktop site on google chrome. which is something you can totally do, but some do not want to go through that. below are some places you can relocate to if you haven’t yet or wanting too; some of these i do not have much knowleage on but im only trying to help.

kkt - kakao talk
yahoo messenger

im sure there are many, many more please feel free to comment more.

- ̗̀ ✧*.     kim taeyeon gif hunt ! 

under the cut you will find #200 hq small/medium gifs of kim taeyeon, known for her solo career as well as being the main vocalist and leader of snsd. none of these gifs are mine therefore full credit goes to the owners of these gifs, all i did was gather the gifs into one post. please like or reblog if you found this useful !

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