Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 27

Yesterday’s challenge was the Pokemon you think is coolest. I really had a lot of trouble deciding on this one. At first I was thinking of all the cool legendaries and stuff, but then I thought no. I started thinking simpler, and then I got stuck between Eevee and Ditto. Eevee because of it’s evolutionary uniqueness, and Ditto because of it’s ability to transform into anything! I ended up choosing Ditto because it’s fun to draw, and it’s definitely one of my all time favorite Pokemon.

The challenge can be found here!

Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 25

Day 25’s challenge was your favorite legendary Pokemon. I really couldn’t pick between my two favorites, so I just drew them both! My favorite big legendary is Lugia, and my favorite little legendary is Victini.

I actually drew this on my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, so even though I could have done more to it, I think it turned out pretty good for the limited tools I had available.

The challenge can be found here!

Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 8

Today’s challenge was your favorite flying type. This one may come as a surprise, but Dodrio is probably my favorite. Back in the good old days of Pokemon Red/Blue, this thing was always on my team.

I tried to do a semi realistic piece here. I’ve seen a lot of photography lately of birds greeting the cool morning, and you could see their breath as they sang their little songs. I thought that might be a cool approach to this one, even though Dodrio isn’t a cute little songbird.

The challenge can be found here!