Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 7

Today’s challenge was your favorite fire type. Torkoal is an easy pick for me. I love tortoises, Torkoal is a fire tortoise, you know. Plus he’s cute as heck I mean come on. I tried a to speed paint this, and it took exactly 1 hour. I’m not good at “speed” painting yet, but this was my first attempt!

The challenge can be found here!

Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 27

Yesterday’s challenge was the Pokemon you think is coolest. I really had a lot of trouble deciding on this one. At first I was thinking of all the cool legendaries and stuff, but then I thought no. I started thinking simpler, and then I got stuck between Eevee and Ditto. Eevee because of it’s evolutionary uniqueness, and Ditto because of it’s ability to transform into anything! I ended up choosing Ditto because it’s fun to draw, and it’s definitely one of my all time favorite Pokemon.

The challenge can be found here!

Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 2

Today’s challenge was your favorite dark type, and I’m sure some of you are surprised to not see Murkrow. Technically, Murkrow is my favorite dark type, but later on in the challenge you have to draw your all time favorite. I’m pretty sure that spot is reserved for Murkrow. :>

Anyways, Scrafty is pretty dang cool. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I specifically think the shiny variation is awesome.

The challenge can be found here!

Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 25

Day 25’s challenge was your favorite legendary Pokemon. I really couldn’t pick between my two favorites, so I just drew them both! My favorite big legendary is Lugia, and my favorite little legendary is Victini.

I actually drew this on my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, so even though I could have done more to it, I think it turned out pretty good for the limited tools I had available.

The challenge can be found here!

Here are all the designs I have come up with for my bird charm/sticker set! I will be selling these at Anthrocon this year if everything goes as planned. I’ll also be putting them up on my Etsy shop for those of you who won’t be attending.

They will look something like this, except (hopefully) they’ll have some nice jewelry resin on the surface.

Wish me luck!