kroton the cyberman

Didn’t have the ability to post this what with my net, but now I’m in America, I can show you all this! One of my favourite comics ever, so did a mock Big Finish cover for it. Heck, if they can adapt Love & War for Benny’s anniversary, they can do this for Izzy! :P

I cast Paterson Joseph as the Master just because he’s awesome, and I’ve used the singer Louise Wener’s face for Izzy, as she was the original ‘model’ for her character design, what with the fringe. The name “Rufe Nishimoto” in the sidebar is for Cardinal Morningstar, as since he was implied to be the Master, I thought I’d do a Master-esque anagram to hide his identity. Spoiler warning: The anagram is of Toshiro Mifune, who the samurai character Katsura Sato was obviously based on.

Quite happy with how this looks. The composition’s quite close to actual Big FInish covers, and I’ve used a lot of elements from the comic without looking too illustrated :P

With the untimely passing of Steve Dillon, I found myself rereading my favourite creation of his, the story of Kroton the Cyberman, co-created with Steve Moore.

And it’s rather comforting to know that while his other creation Abslom Daak ended up being the only character from the comics to appear in the TV series, Kroton ended up being the figure who literally oversees the safety of not just the universe, but the omniverse. Every reality, from variations of the timeline where Eight stayed with Grace, to the mainstream Marvel 616 universe - illustrated with Spider Man - to bizarre parallels with the Doctor as an alien dictator/cowboy/noir detective/cartoon cat.

Although in the wake of so many untimely deaths and chaos and horrific politics in recent times, I think Kroton needs to focus on our reality a bit more.