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KROSSFIRE „Fall From Grace“ – Lyrik Video veröffentlicht

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Die bulgarische Prog/Power Metal Band Krossfire hat ein neues Video zu „Fall From Grace“ veröffentlicht. Das Stück wird auf dem kommenden Album „Shades Of The Darkness“ zu hören sein. Die Band hat extra für die Single ein Cover anfertigen lassen.


Interview catch up Part Two

Here is the second batch of interviews being caught up with! Halloween and Krossfire

HALLOWEEN - March 2012

Halloween have an interesting sometimes stalled past but with their latest TERRORTORY they seem to be very serious about making an impact. Justin Hulford caught up with vocalist Brian to get the full story…

Your story has been a little mixed over the years but this album seems to have big aspirations. How have you got to this point?

Brian: Like most bands that have been at it for a long period of time, we have been through many ups and downs and several personnel changes. Players come and go for a variety of reasons; family situations, money, health, changing interests etc. This is also the case with Halloween. But somehow we keep it going with each ‘next’ generation of the band, and have been able to do so, for many years.

We have had people ask, “Why do you continue through all of the troubles?” or “why don’t you just put it to rest?” well I say… We love the music, we love the concept, we love performing and most of all we love that we still have a lot of fans and friends who love us. We sometimes have difficulties with traffic on the roads when going out somewhere, but we don’t quit going out, do we? Why should we quit doing something that we love to do? Age doesn’t matter, and the changing climates of the music business don’t matter either, there will always be people who like this kind of music.

And we don’t write or play for a specific person or group of people we write what we like and what feels right to us and hopefully our fans will like it too. To ‘try’ to please people to me, would be “fake” and we are not interested in being fake. The new CD is a reflection of where we were a few years back when we started recording it, and aside from some minor issues here and there due to lack of financial support we are happy with it and proud of it. We have big aspirations with everything we do, unfortunately we have struggled most of our career, so our history appears different from the outside. Maybe there will be a sequel to the Anvil movie… one about Halloween. We have some hard luck stories too.

I was wary that this could easily slip into something purely nostalgic but instead I actually think it is fresh and for today with some sensible nods to the past. How do you think you achieved that?

Brian: George Neal and I were 2/3 of the writing team from the early “classic” version of the band, so a lot of the original groundwork is still intact. With every line-up change there have been new writers to join the formula, and we welcome their input. In addition we are obviously influenced by other music and bands that have come along over the years. Both bands we have played with like (Pantera, Queensryche and Savatage) and bands that we listen to.

All of that gets stirred in and we pick the songs that we feel best reflect where we are at that point in time and those songs get recorded for the CD’s. We have always been a band that likes to give a wide variety of sounds and song topics with our records. DMWE had it’s share of HORROR themed songs but also had songs about everyday life as well like ‘She’s a Teazer’ and ‘Busted’. Similarly with other records the sound and topics have gotten more aggressive in some spots, with the times.

With this record we had a lot of new material and couldn’t decide on which songs to keep and which to leave off the CD. We ended up using all of them, we figured since it was taking so long to get this one finished we would put them all on there and give people more for their money. We could have held some back and used them as b-sides or added them to specialty versions but we didn’t feel like that was fair to people who are struggling with money these days, so we did it like this, a one time deal. Most of these songs were written around the same time as the songs from Horror Fire, But a few were older, ‘Not One’, ‘Say Your Prayers’ and ‘Images Quite Horrible’ were written in the 90’s and ‘Caught In The Webs’ was written in 1983 before most of the DMWE album.

I like to think that I have a well rounded appreciation for Heavy Metal. I like many styles including some of the new stuff (younger bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch etc.), but I also love my classic stuff too Judas Priest, Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and the list goes on, but we have also been influenced by more melodic hard rock bands too over the years like Led Zeppelin and even Skid Row. Staying current is important to us, but it’s more important to stay true to who we are, and that is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But, always a whole lot of heart and soul.

Did you actively set out with a plan or has this album just developed as the recording process went on?

Brian: As I stated earlier, we just write what comes from our guts and throw it in the soup. We have talked in the past about a concept album in the future, but this one was just a lot of… how should I say it? … the ‘HORRORS of LIFE’. The title for the CD came from Donny Allen he had heard the word Terrortory from somewhere I think a Halloween holiday attraction and said we should write a song and call it that.

So we wrote the song about our notorious stage show and how we kind of turn the stage into our own little world, and along the way we thought it would make a good title for the record. If you dig a little bit you will also find hints in that song about the world we live in today with terrorism on the rise all over the world. But we try to mask the reality of some of the topics with the fun side, so we don’t feel like we are preaching to people about how to live their lives. We just make observations and subtly put them into the songs.

Considering a few songs perhaps you could expand on them a little - and tell us the story behind the song itself and maybe a little about how it was written or recorded? First the opener “Traipsing Through The Blood”?

Brian: Traipsing Through The Blood is a song that our drummer Rob Brug (who also plays the hell out of the guitar) wrote the music for. I liked the intensity of the riff, it felt old school to me and still very heavy, so I wanted to pick a topic that I thought would match nicely with the aggressive feel of the song. Here in America there are television shows called CSI, crime dramas which are investigated using modern forensics.

One of the common sayings on these shows is when somebody walks into an area where a murder has taken place, and touches evidence without gloves on, or steps in a victim’s blood on the floor, and somebody always proclaims… “you are contaminating my crime scene!”. So, with that in mind I wrote about how some people, mostly Americans are so busy trying to do too many things at once, that they aren’t paying attention to the important things in their lives. They are like a “bull in a china shop” or in my song figuratively speaking they are ‘Traipsing Through The Blood’. It’s basically a statement of how we should all maybe pay a little more attention.

And could you do the same for the moody “Her Ghosts Comes Out To Play”?

Brian: A few years ago there was a murder here in Detroit where a guy killed his wife and cut her body into pieces. When they caught the guy, he was all over the news talking to reporters and trying to explain why he killed her and how he tried to get away with it. The guy was a real ‘tool’, his name was Stephen Grant. Most people in our area were outraged by his comments and the facts of the case as it unravelled, and when he was sentenced, people said it was not a harsh enough sentence for what he had done. I started thinking about what would be a better sentence and that would be if her ghost (Tara Grant) could come back and haunt him and screw with him for the rest of his life. (Again a little Horror Themed Fantasy mixed in with some reality) This song can apply to any of the many similar cases around the world.

And finally for the more epic “Not One”?

Brian: This one is simple, I wrote this at a time when I felt like I couldn’t count on anyone and had no friends. It seemed like everywhere I turned people were stabbing me in the back and walking away. I always thought that people could relate to this song and feeling this way at one time or another, and how people are always trying to outdo each other and playing both sides of the fence. And how we never seem to learn from our mistakes we just screw each other over and never consider the results, or who gets hurt in the end.

How many people could I count on when I needed them back then??? Not One…

Now it is all completed is there anything you would change about the recording process?

Brian: We are just happy that it is finally done and out. Of course we wish that Donny had not gotten sick in the middle of the process (Or sick at all for that matter). And we wish we had the financing to go into a nice studio and hire a big time producer, but for what we had to work with we think it turned out pretty good. In a perfect world we would have put this out in 2007 or 2008 and we would be talking about the next one, but it is what it is and we will get back to work soon on another. We still have plenty of songs and ideas that need to be recorded and added to our history.

Looking at the whole album are there songs you are especially looking forward to playing live?

Brian: I love them all and look forward to alternating most of them in and out of our live set. Traipsing, Images, Scare You and Prayers are all high energy and fun to play live. We get to play the creepy factor with songs like Webs, Ghost and Terrortory and that is always fun for our stage show. Maybe we will be able to squeeze in longer songs like Not One or Where’s Michael when we have bigger headlining shows and around Halloween time. It’s hard to fit it all in the live show, because our fans always want to hear the classic songs and we love playing them for them. I am looking forward to doing Hands Around My Throat live for personal reasons… it’s always therapeutic to sing about your divorce and how you got screwed over.

And what tour plans are there?

Brian: We are just now starting to book shows here in North America and are trying to finalize some plans to come back to Europe later in the year. We love playing live so I hope we get to play a lot this year. We took some time off over the last year and a half to finish the record so we are hungry to play shows.

Rewinding a little could you tell me a little about the band and its members?

Brian: Well of course George Neal and I (Brian Thomas) are long time band mates from way back. George plays Bass, Keyboards and some Guitar and I am the Vocalist and Lyricist. Rob Brug is our Drummer (formerly of Damien) and he also produced the last 3 recordings and played some of the guitar tracks on the new record. Don Guerrier is one of our awesome Guitarists and has been with us almost 5 years now, and we just added a new Guitar Player this week, 21 year old TJ Richardson (who people will discover is an amazing guitar player and songwriter).

Halloween has always been a band that loves to perform live. We have a wild over the top stage show that is laden with Horror themed trinkets and décor. The music is a mix of old school metal with a lot of darkness and aggression and lyrics from our life experiences and observations. We feel we still have our best yet to come and we are proud of all that we have done so far. We are blue collar, hardworking and hard rocking and we fall down like everybody else but we keep getting back up. We don’t know any other way to do it.

To close, is there anything else you would like to say to readers of The Rocktologist?

Brian: I’d just like to say thanks for checking us out and thanks to all of our fans for all of your years of loyalty and interest in us. To keep up with all of our upcoming events and for those of you who are just now hearing about us, check out our website to get to know us better.

You can also find us on facebook, myspace and twitter. (links on our website). Thanks again and we hope to see you soon…

Thanks Brian!

KROSSFIRE - March 2012

Ten years of life and now a debut - and from Bulgaria too, not a country to feature that often except in classic HM and thrash circles. Justin Hulford found Georgi and decided to find out a little more…

I was surprised to see you had been in existence for so long before this debut album - so what has the band been doing?

Well a lot of things happened during these years. When we started we had nothing but our enthusiasm meaning we didn’t have many playing skills. Many of us picked up their instruments for the first time so we needed time to learn to play on them as well as obtain some music making experience. Then we had a lot of line-up changes ‘til around 2005, since then our line-up remains the same. And the actual composing and making of our debut album started around 2007/08.

The album has been tagged as power metal but I really felt it had a lot more to place it under a progressive metal tag. Do you have any thoughts on that and genres in general?

Nowadays we have so many genres and sub-genres that it’s confusing sometimes. I’m no expert at placing a piece of music under curtain tag but I guess if you really need to give us a genre it will be power/progressive. But in general we don’t think too much about it we just make the music the way we like it.

It would be good to know a little more about Georgi, Spas, Georgi, Dimo and Peter. Could you give us a couple of lines on each?

Well let’s begin with the band founder and drummer Spas: He is probably the most heart opened person in the band he is not holding back anything about he’s music passion he’s just letting it out. Georgi (Joro) Driev: He’s your best friend always there for you, not that the other guys are not. Petar Boshnakov: He is the opposite of Spas, he’s the calm guy who is cooling everything down when it’s needed. Dimo Petkov: He’s the practical one, who always prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. Plus he’s really organized and keeps track of things.

And lastly me, Georgi (Gogo) Kushev. It’s weird when you have to analyze yourself but I guess am a really positive guy who demands a lot from he’s band mates at the same time, hehe.

Considering a few songs perhaps you could expand on them a little - and tell us the story behind the song itself and maybe a little about how it was written or recorded? First the intriguing “War Machine”?

It’s one of my favourites since it’s really heavy and punchy. About its creation, I wrote the music I really wanted to achieve this semi-long, oriental, pounding song with a taste of epicness into it. After I brought it to the guys we rehearsed it toyed with it a little and in the end it became just as I imagined it. And for the story well we needed an epic topic so we chose the tale about Alexander the Great since it’s a story close to our lore and also because of the oriental aspect of the music.

And could you do the same for “How Can There Be”?

Another song I wrote, the idea was to be a bit more modern and I also wanted to turn to my trash riffing influences for this one. I’m not sure if it turned out this way though. The lyrics are Dimo’s doing and are about the insanity of the holy wars.

And finally I’m always intrigued by short instrumentals - can you tell me some more about “Icaria”?

It’s the theme for our title track “Learning To Fly”. The music is by Petar Boshnakov. Originally Icaria and “Learning To Fly” were one song. But we wanted to separate them so you could get a little prelude of what’s coming and then get hit by the actual song. The title track tells the story of the flight of Icarus so its prelude instrumental is named Icaria after the island where the action took place.

As I have picked three pieces from the first half of the album I might need to assure you that I did listen to the whole thing. I enjoyed the sensible diversions along the way and as the review said this is as fresh as anything I have heard from your country. What have you done differently?

I’m not so sure. As I stated before we just do the things the way we like them. Maybe it has to do with fact that we tried to do the songs really straight forward with no unnecessary fat in them.

Now it is all completed is there anything you would change about the recording process?

The only thing I would change is that we didn’t make any preproduction recordings. We just went from rehearsals straight to the studio. And when you record and hear things as a listener unnoticed things pop out sometimes and you have to fix them on the spot. So it would have been a whole lot easier to make the album if we had done preproduction. Other than that I know that we did our best at the time

Looking at the whole album are there songs you are especially looking forward to playing live?

Well we enjoy playing the whole album. But the band favourites are “Cold Winds”, “War Machine” and “Learning To Fly”

And what tour plans are there?

For now none. We have few dates for Bulgarian clubs and Moto Gatherings but no real tour proposals yet.

To close, is there anything else you would like to say to readers of The Rocktologist?

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview, wish you all the best.

Thanks Georgi!

Thank you too!

Krossfire’s album “Learning To Fly” is available form Pure Steel Records!

Krossfire - Learning To Fly

Artist: Krossfire
Album: Learning To Fly
Label: Pure Steel Records
Genre: Power Metal (note - I would place this as Progressive Metal)

This band from Bulgaria offer up their debut after ten years of existence. All I have ever heard from that country has been fairly tired old school heavy metal so the prospect of something calling itself Power Metal was not to be missed.

An overlong and theatrical intro was a superfluous start that I wasn’t expecting and doesn’t really get the listener ready, feeling more like three minutes of padding.

But real opener “War Machine” does all it can to make up for this blemish. Driving rhythms and strong riffs feel progressive to me and herald a slower paced lyrical section with epic pretensions. It rolls along nicely and has a few good changes of direction with an unusual keyboard solo to boot. There’s not a lot of power in sight and this is an intriguing start.

The next, “How Can There Be”, follows suit in style and that’s no problem for me. As the album continues this repeatedly proves the tag is incorrect. The shorter instrumental interlude “Icaria” makes sense and is then followed by the initially more power orientated title track. The rest continue in a similar vein and are full of flourishes and interesting passages.

It’s a succession of fairly decent tracks that should have appeal to progressive metallers much more than the power metal fraternity with plenty of moods, diversions, key changes and interesting ideas. It’s by far the freshest I have heard from Bulgaria!

Bulgaria's KROSSFIRE To Release Learning To Fly Album Via Pure Steel Records; Details Revealed

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Bulgarian power metallers KROSSFIRE will release their debut album, Learning To Fly, on January 27th, 2012 via Pure Steel Records.

Songs like the pounding opener, ‘War Machine’, and the doublebass-dominated title track won’t disappoint any fan of progressive but also melody balanced Euro-power metal. The bombastic production is almost on the same level as 90s-albums of BLIND GUARDIAN. Both orchestral intros 'Visions’ and 'Icaria’ own a similar epic touch like monumental MANOWAR-prologues. Even female vocals can be heard on the ballad and last song, 'The One’, which isn’t sentimentally or out of ideas, but simply fit perfectly to the band.

The tracklisting:

'Visions’ (Intro)
'War Machine’
'How Can There Be… ?’
'Icaria’ (Intro)
'Learning To Fly’
'Touch Of Destiny’
'False Reality’
'Angels Cry’
'Cold Winds’
'The One’