kroq interview


friendship test in which tyler kicks josh out of the band, again.

chasingghosttrains replied to your post “Did Davey just wear the same outfit for the entire tour? Or did he…”

I’m the same way! I get very sentimental. Like for example, one of my favorite “fun facts” is that Jade recognizes when Davey’s voice is getting tired before even he does. I just love knowing they have each others’ backs and will help out. <3

YESSSSS. I was just ecstatic over that entire interview. Their bond is so true and pure and I just…I’m so glad the four of them have each other it makes me so happy. I also love that Jade was there to take care of Davey when life threw him for a loop. ;_____; I just love them and their friendship so much.

Did you see the KROQ interview where Davey was like “I was going to wait and say this off camera but (Jade did a great job producing).” ;_____; it was so sweet.

Also, I’ve noticed this because I spend a concerning amount of time listening to/watching their interviews, but whenever someone mentions marriage or having kids in an interview, Davey just goes into Standby mode. Like he is there but not there while the other guys answer the question.