If you would have told me at 15 that I would be playing mainstage at Warped Tour I would have told you only in my dreams. Nine years later, that dream became a reality. Thank you #IconArmy and everyone who made this possible. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support of my friends, family, my lovely fiance, and of course our very dedicated fans. This has been a summer I will never forget <3

Mann bei Arbeitsunfall in Kronshagen schwer verletzt

Kronshagen (ots/DAS) – Bei einem folgenschweren Arbeitsunfall in Kronshagen am frühen Mittwochmorgen, erlitt ein 42-jähriger Mann schwere Verletzungen. Wie dei Polizei mitteilte, wurde ein auf dem rechten Fahrstreifen, in Fahrtrichtung Suchsdorf…

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I’m not crazy, I know what I saw.
He had the pages of my diary pinned to the wall.
He said “Her momma don’t listen, she’s sick of her life, we’ll give her something good to help her sleep at night.”
So they wrote me a record, you know, to help with the pain.
I let the medication of my ears into my brain.
I learned to mirror my life, with the lyrics you write.
How’d you get in my head? How’d you know what its like?
You made sick so attractive that I wanted to be, hell I wanted to be you, I wanted to feel it.
i put this song on repeat, im eating up what your feeding me, i play along with the beat, in the world that your keeping me.
Stop, don’t make me put up a fight, you know I’m alright, being whatever you like.
You know what its like, right?
Tell me you understand.
If you’re crazy and you know it,
come on, clap your hands.
—  Ariel Bloomer, Icon For Hire