Mann bei Arbeitsunfall in Kronshagen schwer verletzt

Kronshagen (ots/DAS) – Bei einem folgenschweren Arbeitsunfall in Kronshagen am frühen Mittwochmorgen, erlitt ein 42-jähriger Mann schwere Verletzungen. Wie dei Polizei mitteilte, wurde ein auf dem rechten Fahrstreifen, in Fahrtrichtung Suchsdorf…

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seven years; that’s how long we’ve been doing this. and yet i think in our short seven years, we’ve lived and seen more that some people do in their entire lifetimes. i mean that’s how long we’ve been eating junk food at 3 in the morning, that’s how long we’ve been sleeping on the benches of our van, that’s how long we’ve been doing almost every single things ourselves. but most importantly, that’s how long we’ve been living our dream of traveling the country, playing music we love for people we absolutely adore. and it’s not always as glamorous as you may have imagined it to be. in fact, more often than not, it can be downright brutal. but you know what, it’s all worth it. and you maybe wondering why but the answer is simple. the answer is, it’s worth it because of you. you are the reason that we do this.”


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