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Pt 2: Percy/Annabeth Swap

(Part 1 can be found here)

  • When the girl wakes up, Percy shows her around and tries to help explain everything to her
  • She’s called Annabeth, and Percy soon finds out she’s…strong-willed, and they end up clashing every five minutes
  • Luckily, otherwise Annabeth seems to settle into camp reasonably well
  • Percy soon realises she’s seriously clever, and she develops a strategy that helps them win a game of Capture the Flag
  • It’s around about then when Annabeth gets claimed by Athena
  • It turns out Athena wants Annabeth to go on a quest to solve the recent lightning thief dispute that’s arisen, and Annabeth’s just as keen because she wants to rescue her father
  • Percy’s accused of being the thief, what with being a son of Poseidon and all, and also due to the fact that there was a Camp Half-Blood trip to Olympus last solstice
  • So of course he begs Chiron to let him go on the quest
  • “It’s Annabeth’s choice, Percy, she’s leader of the quest,” Chiron says gently
  • “Well, if she really is the Wise Girl she says she is, she should choose me! I want to help!”
  • Annabeth blushes at that. “Fine, you can come… as long as you promise not to be too much of a Seaweed Brain”
  • Annabeth jokes about it, but she’s grateful for Percy’s experience, especially considering how good he is with a dagger, and at using his demigod powers
  • Percy, Grover and her make a pretty good team
  • Luke wishes them luck when they leave, and it’s immediately clear that Annabeth has a crush on Luke
  • For some reason, that bothers Percy
  • They become a lot closer on the quest, and Percy realises Annabeth maybe isn’t so annoying as he first thought she was
  • Yeah, she’s stubborn and can be arrogant, but she’s also resourceful and she cares a lot
  • Grover rolls his eyes whenever they start bickering though, which is a lot
  • The quest is difficult, but they make it through it, and they succeed, they return the lightning bolt to Zeus and come back to camp as heroes, and Grover goes off on his search for Pan
  • It’s what comes after that’s the hard part
  • When Luke asks Annabeth to go on a walk before she leaves Camp for the year, she agrees, blinded by her schoolgirl crush
  • She barely survives the scorpion attack. It turns out Kronos wants Annabeth out of the picture, because while Percy is key to the prophecy, and he needs him if he wants Percy to raze Olympus, Annabeth is a threat
  • Percy doesn’t believe it for a few days, because there’s surely no way Luke, the guy who rescued him when he was a kid, who showed him how to be a hero, is working for Kronos…
  • …But deep inside he knows it’s true: Luke betrayed them
  • He’s angry, so, so angry
  • He spends a lot of time by Thalia’s tree, just sitting there and thinking, and there’s not much anyone can say to console him, not even Chiron, who knows Percy so well
  • After a few days, when Annabeth finally wakes up and recovers from the scorpion attack, Percy is finally woken out of his daze
  • Annabeth leaves camp to return to her family, her school for the year, and she hugs Percy goodbye
  • She makes him promise to keep in contact, and Percy realises how devastated he would have been if Annabeth had died
  • After seeing what Luke did to her, he becomes determined
  • That’s the day he put down the dagger Luke gave him, and vowed not to use it ever again
  • The next day, he starts training with a sword his father gifted to him in the night
  • It is the weapon Percy swears to fight Kronos and Luke with
  • The sword’s name is Riptide
  • (Update: Part 3 can be found here)

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Can you do a story where Nico got possessed by Kronos instead of Luke? And Percy has to save him or something. But please don't make Nico die Btw, I love your work

Aw thanks anon!

  • Nico decided to join Kronos’ army after Bianca died. Luke’s men found him, wondering the labyrinth and consoled him better than anyone at Camp Half Blood. It also got him away from Percy, the guy who let Bianca get killed.
  • He rose to the top pretty quickly. Nico became second in command. The only reason why he didn’t become the commander is that everyone listened to Luke more.
  • But Nico could strike fear into them whenever he wanted.
  • When Kronos was deciding who to possess, he chose Nico. The son of Hades was more loyal to him and could hold his presence better than Luke.
  • Nico never felt so powerful in his life. Just having the Titan in him felt amazing, let he could do anything. He could destroy Percy Jackson.
  • He didn’t go out that much. He needed to get use to hosting Kronos. Luke was the one going out and causing trouble while the titan gained strength. 
  • The battle of Manhattan, Nico felt powerful. He looked out as demigods and monster clashed. He grinned as the chaos before heading to the Hall of Gods.
  • “Nico!” He heard. 
  • Nico turned, smirking as he saw Percy standing there. His smile disappeared when he saw Luke standing next to him.
  • “Looks like I made a good choice when choosing Nico as my host.” Kronos said. “And the brat, Percy Jackson.”
  • “Nico, this isn’t you. Kronos is manipulating you.” Percy told him. 
  • “But he cares about me.” Nico’s voice came out this time. “He won’t break a promise that he makes.”
  • “Nico, I told you I was sorry. There wasn’t anything I can do to save Bianca. I could never forgive myself for her death.” Percy told him. 
  • “You killed my only family!” Nico shouted. 
  • “I’m sorry.” Percy told him.
  • “Nico, do you know what Kronos is doing to you? He’s manipulating you. Everything he told you was a lie.” Luke told him.
  • “How would you know? You’re a traitor.” Kronos spat. 
  • “Nico, listen to me. Is this what Bianca would have wanted?” Percy asked. “Destroying Manhattan and killing demigods?”
  • “You don’t know what Bianca would have wanted.” Nico growled.
  • “She wouldn’t have wanted you to host a titan. She would have wanted you to get over her death. She would have wanted you to move on.” Percy told him. “She would wanted to see you happy. Nico, are you happy?”
  • Nico stared at Percy. Was he happy? He joined Kronos’ army because he was angry and they started to care for him. But he never felt like he belonged. He just wanted revenge for Bianca. Kronos, hosting his body wasn’t the ideal situation. But he did it anyways because he wanted power. Even with all the power, he didn’t feel any happier. Demigods were dying because he let Kronos come to power. He could still feel death.
  • “N-No. I’m not.” He admitted. 
  • “You need to get Kronos out of your body.” Luke told him. “Force him out.”
  • Nico was trying to concentrate, but Kronos was strong. He held his head as the titan fought back with force. 
  • “Nico!” 
  • His eyes opened and there was a golden glow around him as he tried to fight the titan. 
  • “You’re weak without me.” Kronos told him. “Without me you wouldn’t be thinking about your sister. You would have enough power to bring her back.”
  • “She’s dead. She can’t come back as a person.” Nico fought back. 
  • “Not in my world. She could come back to life.” Kronos coaxed. 
  • “He’s lying to you!” Percy shouted. “Nico, don’t listen to him!”
  • “Who are you going to listen to, Nico? Me or the guy who let your sister die?” Kronos asked.
  • Nico’s heart went faster. He felt like his head was going to split open. He screamed in pain as he forced the titan out of him.
  • Then he didn’t remember anything.

ok but i cry tears of joy @ this pjo rpc bc the last time i rp’d pjo in a group setting was in seventh grade, over facebook messenger and chatrooms in the cringiest means possible

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I need for Gideon to become concerned for Mr. Snart's unusually high tolerance for pain and how good he is at hiding it from the others. She develops a protocol of checking his vitals every couple of hours just to be on the safe side. When Rip discovers this redundancy he tries to disable it but Gideon locks him out saying she's got a greater responsibility in returning her creator's husband back in one piece.

“Gideon, I have told you on numerous occasions not to refer to Mr. Snart as Mr. Allen’s husband when anyone could walk right in and overhear you.”

Sara stopped dead just around the corner to the med bay, where she heard Rip’s voice say - wait, what? Mr. Allen’s husband? As in…The Flash? Sara hadn’t met him yet, but she knew his identity. 

“My protocols are quite strict where it concerns Mr. Snart’s safety, Captain,” Gideon said. “They override any commands you might give me if they contradict ensuring his survival.”

“His surviv -” Rip took a calming breath. “Gideon, Mr. Snart is in no danger at the moment.”

“As his vitals show, yes. And I will continue to run my hourly scans to guarantee this remains the case.”

“Gideon,” the barely restrained anger in Rip’s voice was something Sara had grown familiar with, “your unnecessary scans are a waste of resources. The damage Mr. Rory did to the ship -”

“The crew has decided that when speaking in the past tense about actions carried out by Kronos, Mr. Rory is to be referred to as Kronos.”

Sara stifled a laugh. Jax had told Gideon that, and Leonard hadn’t contradicted him. 

“Fine, Kronos, then, caused some significant damage to the ship, and I need you working at max efficiency until we finish repairs.”

“And I am, Captain. Maintaining Mr. Snart’s survival is my main priority.”

“Over stopping Vandal Savage?”

“According to my creator’s implemented subroutines in the event Leonard Snart is ever within my care - yes.”

A pause. Sara folded her arms and waited, interested to see how Rip would respond. 

Finally, he said, “All right, Gideon, I understand. If I had known that simply taking Snart on this voyage would make him more valuable to the timeline by changing the course of history and having Captain Cold of all people end up marrying The Flash, I might have chosen a different criminal element to stop Savage, but being where we are now, can you at least limit your checks on his vitals to only if and when he has left the ship and returned, or shown some sign of endangering himself? He’s hardly going to try and hide injuries from one hour of reading in his quarters, to the next getting dinner in the mess hall.”

Another pause. “That is…an acceptable compromise, Captain Hunter.”

“Thank you. Bloody superhero megalomaniacs,” Rip muttered under his breath, which Sara decided was her cue to enter.  

“So,” she smirked, while Rip looked startled that she had clearly been close enough to overhear most of that, “any other juicy secrets you’re keeping from us? Because I think Leonard deserves to know he has someone worth going home for.”

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Ok ok ok- mick and Cisco

Oooooooh, good question! I mean, after @prouvairablehulk’s excellent heatvibe fic, I’m tempted to say OTP, but honest to god I think they’re ALSO a potentially excellent BROTP? Like. We know Mick likes fiddling and building machines. He and Cisco would have to get over a lot, but I think they would totally bond over that (with or without Mick pulling out his Kronos knowledge) - sometimes you just want to be left alone with your machines to fuck up shit.

Also, they would make hilarious commentators of “wow, seriously guys?!” about a Coldflash relationship. Like, in the unlikely event that they disapproved of a Coldflash relationship, imagine the two of them plotting together to try to break them up - only to become friends themselves in the process.

Not just any boyfriend

Summary: When Percy’s made prisoner while defending Mount Othrys, he’s offered a deal by the Twelfth Legion praetor.

Written for yvieisqueer​‘s birthday—I hope you like it!
Also on AO3 and
Word count: 3,189
Warning for dub-con.

“Don’t do it, Luke.” These words, Percy has repeated them many times over the years. “I joined you. I’m eighteen. We already proved the Great Prophecy wrong. Our victory is assured; there’s no need for this.”

He’s not sure what’s changed. Is it Luke’s dreams, that he suddenly won’t tell Percy about? Has Luke grown weary of the war, which has been an all-out conflict for three years, ever since Percy joined his side? Something else entirely? Percy isn’t sure; all he knows is that his lover—there’s something childish about the word “boyfriend” now—is determined. And yet Percy protests.

“Come back to bed. Sleep; or just lie down, if you can’t. We can talk about this tomorrow.”


Luke’s never been one for laconic answers, and yet he shrugs off Percy’s hands and walks away without elaborating.

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Speed drawing for the 33rd page of my KRONOS comic, check it out


There was an unnerving silence that settled after the battle like snowflakes after a blizzard- cold and deceitfully gentle. Percy stood in the middle of it all, the eye of the storm - the only thing untouched among ruins and destruction. 

“It’s over.” Percy breathed, “It’s over, finally. We’re done. We’re-” He turned around a smile breaking over his face, “Annabeth?”

His eyes fell on her, shaking, sobbing, terrified. He didn’t see anything else but her-blinded by the red behind his eyes. “We’re alive, Annabeth. They’re dead, and we’re alive, and it’s over.”

“What did you do?" Annabeth cried, "Percy, everything is over.”

I saved you. I saved us. Annabeth-” He reached towards her, frowning.

“Don’t touch me! Look around yourself, Percy! There’s nothing left." 

Percy blinked. He’d finished it, hadn’t he? They were alive, weren’t they? Nothing else mattered. He looked around him. The earth had split open - giant gashed in the ground still gushing with salt water and dyed red with blood. Ruins of greek columns littered the ground, crushing the corpses that were beneath them. The sky was dark with storm clouds, still swirling overhead and aiding with the eery illumination. 

There were other bodies, too, that Percy vaguely recognized. Friends, probably. Were they dead, too? Somewhere, behind the crashing waves of rage that still shook him, their was a pang of anguish. But Annabeth was alive. It had been a choice he didn’t remember making. There was Gaea, the earth coming alive, giants roaring, people screaming- Annabeth screaming. 

Annabeth dying.

And something else had taken over. He felt the darkest part of the sea in his blood, could feel the blood of the monsters and allies rushing around him, could feel the earth breathing and he had pulled with all his strength, from his core, and everything had went black.


Sometimes Annabeth thought she had made the wrong choice. She wondered if there was a different path she should have taken, if she should have sided with the gods, with Percy.

But she saw a different path, she had chosen a different course. She felt like a puppeteer, and she had stop denying that she liked that feeling. It had hurt to see Percy die, but if Luke had taught her anything, it was that pain could be masked with the rush of power. The wound would heal, and she could ignore the scars. 

Kronos turned out to be ruthless, but he didn’t care much over the affairs of the mortal world. He had released Luke, partially. As a reward. As a gift. 

And the more wars Annabeth planned, the more pieces she moved, the more systematic, cold destruction she engineered, the more rewards that were given.

Rewards and justification. 

After all, Luke’s eyes only flickered gold when she wasn’t looking.


Frank never really liked the idea of war. Despite his lineage, he wasn’t fond of needless violence and blood shed. He had seen first hand the ravaged remains of a war torn society.

Not again. 

He felt Mars behind his eyes, he saw red constantly. He channeled the anger into something more.

From the tatters Octavian had left, Frank had rebuilt Rome. He’d raised the legion from the ashes, pushed and beaten until their soldiers stood stronger than ever. 

"We’ll prevent war by creating it. Our empire will never fall again.”

He’d watched Reyna’s eyes harden, he had felt the spirit of Bellona inside her. The cries of war rang in both of their ears, on this they agree. 

No more death of friends. No more needless destruction.

If the fires of wars were to burn, then they would burn by his own hands.


When Leo had died, she felt something inside her break. She’d known Leo for only a short time, but she felt like she was losing him for a second time. His face blurred with Sammy’s, their laugh echoed in her ears as she lost her best friend, her oldest friend, her first love for a second time. The ground below her bubbled and roiled with golden bars and gems. Cursed treasure poured out of the ground like blood. She imagined it as Gaea’s blood, spilling around her in tribute to Leo.

She heard Nico call out to her, but ignored it. Magic sparked around her fingers, she felt it build in her stomach and break its way out of her throat as she cried out. All of her anguish, all of her pain, all of her fury at Gaea was released in one powerful scream. 

Her grief seeped in the earth, the soil burned with magic and she heard screaming. She didn’t care.

The Earth goddess had taken her mother, her best friend, her life away from her- and now Leo was dead too. 

She had suffered long enough- she would make the Earth suffer, too.


Piper had felt herself change, had had one moment of clarity and realization as before the uncomfortable warmth had washed through her like a tidal wave. Her lips suddenly felt like silk and her tongue became a serpent. She saw everything through a shimmery haze, and the voice of her conscious suddenly became weak and overpowered by a loud, intoxicating hum. 

“You don’t want to attack us,” She had sung, “You think that would be a really, really bad idea.”

The roman guard, some goons of Octavian’s, lowered his sword, his eyes clouding. “Yeah…”

“Good little soldiers. How about you just listen to me, ok? Lift your swords up.”

“Piper-” Jason looked worried, but Piper smiled at him and his jaw went slack, his eyes unfocused.

“Stay out of this Jason, just look away. Go find Percy. I’ll take care of the rest.”
“Find…Percy…right. Right.” Jason shook his head, “You’ll take care of this, Piper.”  He ran off and Piper smiled, and action that made the audience of roman soldiers collectively sigh.

“Now, boys and girls,” Piper’s words twisted in the air like serpents, “How about you do something useful with those swords, and take care of each other. If one of you is left standing, you’ll get a kiss.” She winked and some part of her screamed, buried under a rose-scented mist. 

When the others found her, she was giggling to herself in the middle of a bloodbath, and she had never been more beautiful.


“Jason, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” Jason forced his face into a grin, “Why would you think there’s something wrong, Nico?”

“You’re so fake, Jason. Why won’t you just talk to anyone anymore?” Nico scowled.

“I talk to a lot of people, all the time.”

“No you don’t. You listen to people, or you talk AT people, but you don’t talk TO anyone. You’re hurting, Jason. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I told you nothing was wrong.”

“But you’re lying." 

Nico stared at him, and Jason let his smile drop. It was sort of a relief, actually. He was getting tired of smiling.

"I’m so tired, Nico. The weight of the gods…it’s too much.”

“You’ve done so much Jason. I’m sure the gods would forgive you if you took a vacation.”

“No, you don’t understand.” Jason shook his head, his brow furrowing and jaw clenching, “It’s not- the voices of the gods all go through me. They all speak to me. Their demands come to me. I can’t do this anymore.”


“I understand why Octavian did what he did. Apollo spoke to Octavian, and it drove him over the edge. I get that now. I can’t take this anymore, Nico.”

“I’m sure we can do something-”

“I’m done! Nico-” Jason turned to him with a sudden madness in his eyes that made Nico flinch, “Help me. Please, I can’t do this anymore, you have to let me go.”

“Jason, what are you…what are you saying.”

“You KNOW  what I’m asking you, Nico- you have to.”

“Jason.” Nico took a step back, “I know you’re tired, I understand, we can help-”

“Can you? You’ll do what I tell you?” Jason’s voice crackled with an unfamiliar electricity, it echoed as if they were standing in a cave and boomed liked thunder. 

But what made Nico back away, what sent shivers down his spine was Jason’s eyes. They shone with madness, madness that Nico recognized from seeing in Octavian.

Madness Nico remembered seeing in Luke Castallen. 


“I am so much more than your friend, now, do you understand?” The sky grew dark with storm clouds, “I am the vessel of the gods, the son of Jupiter, the prince of Olympus.”

“Jason, this isn’t you, please-”

“I need-” Jason doubled over, and the air went rancid, “Nico, please-” Jason shook violently and reached out to Nico and Nico reached back, desperate to hold on to Jason’s flickering humanity.

He realized his mistake as Jason’s grip around his hand grew hot. He felt his lungs tighten, “Jason-”

Lightning cracked, and Nico felt his breath pulled out of his lungs. He gasped, and clutched at his throat. “I am the vessel of the gods. I have been bred to be king. Jason Grace is more than a mortal, now. Your obedience is not optional. I control the air, the wind, the skies. Kneel before the voice of Jupiter." 

As Nico fell to his knees, he saw the light in Jason’s eyes burn golden. He felt Jason’s mortal spirit slip away. 

Lightning struck the ground and the world went black. The vessel of the Gods walked the earth.

> It has been several hours since your sudden removal from your cave. If you take anything that your ‘’captor’’ has said, you aren’t even in your home universe anymore, you are in his

> Overlook the water ripples as you sit wistfully in contemplation. Contemplation, that’s all you’ve been doing but your mind is far too active to sleep it off. Eventually, you do under an archway of trees. The sun begins to blaze and you can’t sit out here for much longer or less you’ll burn before you starve to death.

> You are a little less confused, your thoughts at bay for now but your mind is more concerned on shelter. You should probably seek out Kronos but you aren’t sure what you might be getting into. He speaks of his matesprit a lot, so you have a feeling there is more than one daywalker here. And unless they know of your arrival, things could get bad to worse if they so as sniff an intruder. 

> You tread lightly, leaving your lusus in the shade for now as you go to seek him.

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Could you do a solangelo prompt off of the second-to-last superhero AU?

“I was your sidekick and faked my death to protect you and now you’ve got a new sidekick that you might be dating and I never told you I was in love with you but I also never told you I wasn’t dead so i’m just wallowing in self pity over here also I’m working for the bad guys now and supposed to kill you oops” 

Superhero AU’s I can believe in

I switched it a little bit so they’re partners instead of one having a sidekick.

I took some creative liberty with this one and tried a new style so let me know what you guys think.

There’s something about watching your partner go up in flames that leaves you scared in a way that can never be healed. Something about losing your best friend when you could have done something, anything to stop it, but you didn’t. 

Will shattered the day he watched Nico die. He shattered and he didn’t want to be put back together. Without Nico, there was no “together”, only “in one piece”. 

He watched Nico be engulfed in fire and was powerless to stop it. His light powers had no use here. He hoped that Nico would be able to shadow-travel away, but reason told him that there wasn’t enough shadows. The bright fire didn’t allow for any darkness. The best part of Will died with Nico that day. He still hasn’t found it again.


Nico was on the run, and for good reason. He was on the run from Will, to protect him. 

Faking your own death wasn’t hard, when you knew how to do it. It wasn’t hard, but it still hurt. 

The burns on Nico’s skin hurt so much less than leaving Will behind. His skin would heal, but even if he could go back to Will, the rift he had driven between them could never be fixed.


There’s something about getting a new partner that helps. Maybe it doesn’t help much, and it sure as hell won’t help heal the shattered heart, but it helps and that’s all that matters.


Nico always knew that, somehow, someday, he’d end up on the wrong side. 

Maybe his choice was wrong when he chose to help Kronos. Maybe his choice was wrong when he chose to fake his own death.

Maybe his choice was wrong when he chose to leave Will.

Now, though, the wrong choice stared at him with blue eyes and blond hair and stirred such a sense of nostalgia in him that he thought he might be sick. 

While Will may not notice him yet, Nico had no doubt that he would eventually. They were too familiar with each other. They had been too close to ever forget the way Nico always sucked in a hard breath before jumping into a shadow, too closer to forget how Will rocked to the balls of his feet before bending light.

They were too close, and the proximity was killing Nico now.

After all, they were lovers, once.


Will wanted to throw up and cry at the same time. Those terrible, terrible beautiful brown eyes stared back at him from under the mask. The dark insignia of Kronos stood out against pale skin like a black horse in the snow. 

He died. He’s dead. He’s gone.

His brain wanted logic, and yet… And yet here was this terrible boy who broke Will’s heart standing in front of him. This terrible, dead boy. 

Will wanted so badly to reach out and touch him. To stoke his face and hold him like they used to at night. 

The void in his heart had grown barren, but seeing him again, it swelled and leapt for Will to do something! 

The hurt and confusion and genuine fear battling for control inside Nico was lost to all but Will, who knew every tense muscle, every curve of his spine, was an indication to the emotions waging war inside him.

Reaching his hand out slowly, Will touched Nico’s face. 

“Nico?” A prayer. A whisper. A question. One thousand different answers.

Nico broke down in tears.

Okay but, get this; I actually like this one. 

Not Going Anywhere

In which Annabeth stuck by Luke’s side through his decision to support Kronos in the war, and now works for Kronos as a school scout – finishing her education in the process. Of course, she’d run into a demigod from Camp Half-Blood. And, of course that demigod would be incredibly attractive.

A good murder always managed to ruin a manicure.

Annabeth sighed and began to chip away at the red polish, watching the slivers of color land on the dark carpet of Kronos’s office. He was keeping her waiting, yet again. She had eventually found herself bored of snooping through his drawers, and had plopped down on his leather swivel chair, propped her legs up on the desk, and toyed with a pen. The tricks she could do with her dagger carried over especially well.

“Took you long enough.” She breathed out the words when the figure at the door had been silent for long enough.

“Get out of my chair, Annabeth.”

She examined her nails again, holding them up to the light. “I think I need to get these redone. The dracanae in my French class screwed them all up.”

A Titan with a striking resemblance to an old friend strode over, placing a dagger on the table. “Looks to me like you screwed them up yourself.”

Annabeth grinned down at the carpet.

His voice suddenly turned to business. “How have things been?”


“Has it slowed down at all since school started?”

“No,” she replied breezily, taking her feet off his desk. “In fact I’m finding more and more. Magical blood within the mortal.”

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This is a picture the “leave”-campaign is spreading on Facebook about Sweden.

As a Swedish person born and bread I feel like it’s my responsibility to debunk this!

First of, Sweden has never had a referendum to vote out of the eu and current polls show that the majority of Swedish people are eu positive ( I’ve lived in London for a year so that might have changed.) The referendum was about whether or not we were going to change from Swedish kroner to euro.

The horrible murder of Anna Lindh had nothing to do with the referendum nor the campaign she apparently ran. She was stabbed the 10th of September and later died at the hospital the 11th.
The man who killed her claimed voices told him to do it.

And nothing was suspended in the media since there wasn’t anything to suspend.

Oh and also… Sweden does not have the euro you little shit. We have Swedish kroner. Just look it up.

Don’t spread false shit about my country for your own benefits you fucktard.

Thank you!

(Have you seen this shit @conscious–ramblings)

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Ooh! Ooh! Best Hammer Horror list, please!

I love Hammer horror. It is so perfectly lurid and hammy and atmospheric, and the colors are just so perfect with their bright reds and milky whites and dark green forests. If you’ve never seen any of their films, but want to get into their uniquely mid-century British take on Gothic horror, here are some tips:


Hammer’s Dracula franchise is perhaps their best known property, and it is their longest-running franchise, even outpacing Frankenstein in sequels. It is also, in my opinion, the best thing they have going. If you’re only going to see one Hammer film, make it a Dracula.

The first film in the series is just called Dracula in the UK and called The Horror of Dracula in the US. It is not only the best Hammer Dracula film, I think it’s the best Hammer horror film, period. Here is an essay I wrote about it last year.

The Drac films, in order, are:

  • (Horror of) Dracula
  • The Brides of Dracula
  • Dracula, Prince of Darkness
  • Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
  • Taste the Blood of Dracula
  • Scars of Dracula
  • Dracula AD 1972
  • The Satanic Rites of Dracula
  • The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

They’re all worth seeing, but the first one is the best. There is a rough continuity through these films, with the exception of Scars of Dracula, which is not tied to the other films at all. Also, it is notably more violent and explicit than the other films. The separation of Scars from continuity means you can either skip it, or just watch it on its own. Notably, The Brides of Dracula doesn’t actually have Dracula in it, but it does have Peter Cushing reprising his role as Van Helsing and is one of my favorites in the series. The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires is a co-production with the Shaw Brothers and so is a kung fu vampire film and is actually pretty rad if you don’t build it up in your mind too much. It also features some scrub as Dracula rather than Christopher Lee.


The next biggest Hammer franchise, and the original in their horror line, is Frankenstein. The Frankenstein films, in order, are:

  • The Curse of Frankenstein
  • The Revenge of Frankenstein
  • The Evil of Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein Created Woman
  • Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
  • The Horror of Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

All of them star Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein except Horror, which is not a sequel, but a comedy remake of Curse. Anything with Peter Cushing is worth watching, but the best movies from this series are Curse, Revenge, Created Woman, and the Monster from Hell. Evil is notable for being the first one where they could use visual elements from the Universal Frankenstein, but it drags a lot in the middle, in my opinion.

The Mummy

The other franchise was The Mummy, but it didn’t have as many sequels as the other. The Mummy films, in order, are:

  • The Mummy
  • The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
  • The Mummy’s Shroud
  • Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb

The first one is awesome and definitely worth seeking out. Skip the middle two. Blood is not actually about a mummy at all, but a reincarnated Egyptian princess and is actually super rad.


Here are other ones you should check out:

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles (Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes!)
  • The Curse of the Werewolf
  • The Devil Rides Out
  • The Vampire Lovers (first of a trilogy loosely based on the novella Carmilla)
  • Lust for a Vampire (second in the Karnstein trilogy)
  • Twins of Evil (last and best movie in the Karnstein trilogy)
  • Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde
  • The Quatermass Xperiment
  • Quatermass and the Pit
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Kiss of the Vampire
  • The Gorgon
  • The Plague of the Zombies
  • The Abominable Snowman
  • Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter

This leaves out their non-supernatural thriller films like Paranoiac or The Nanny or Fanatic or Taste of Fear, but that’s really just me showing my personal preferences.

Basically, look for movies with Christopher Lee and/or Peter Cushing and ones directed by Terence Fisher. The more of those three names that are involved, the more likely the movie is to be good. Like, Night Creatures is not a GREAT film, but Peter Cushing makes it super watchable.

Happy viewing!