Let’s talk about Beast Boy in Justice League vs Teen Titans

Cause he was great. The first scene we see him in, he shows up naked to training. 

What a fucking dork.

And his transformations are awesome. Cause he does this

And this

Look at him with his stupid “rock on” signs

Then he turns into a donkey


He gave Robin a ride on his back as a horse which I thought was adorable

Also he turned into a Krolotean, one of the aliens from the second season of Young Justice. I thought that was cool easter egg.

At least it looks like a Krolotean. It could be one of the genomorph things from Cadmus labs. Either way, still cool.


Vandal Savage

Thats why he sent those members of the league to rimbor, because they were the most powerful members, and batman would have figured out their plot quicker than nightwing could to they sent them to commit a crime offworld so that when they discovered and investigated the kroloteans they would figure out what they had done and leave eath to face trial, and thats when the reach could move in, with their biggest threats out of the way Vandal Savage gave them the green light. They set this whole opertunity up when they took over the league.

Young Justice: Invasion

Miss Martian did not kill the Krolotean to get Beastboy the sash as a souvenir.

She killed the Krolotean and gave beast boy it’s sash as a souvenir.

There’s a big difference, true what Miss M, did was wrong and beyond terrifying, her killing/or brain killing it just so beastboy can have a souvenir is more then just wrong, it’s beyond disturbing and dark.

So once more Miss M did not kill the Krolotean for something as trivial as a the sash, she killed because she went to far to get information, or more likely, because that was not an accident, killed it because it hurt/almost hurt beast boy. I think when it comes to beast boy Miss Martian will do anything, which makes me terrified and excited to see her go against Queen Bee.

disregardcanon  asked:

Tim vs Garfield?

oh this is cute

This Tim hasn’t been Robin very long. And, if we can grab from the comics, it took him a while to get Bruce to let him be Robin. So he’s got a little training before and after becoming Robin. (there was a theory with lots of math going around a few years ago and I think it said he’s been Rob for about 4 months at the start of the season) He’s got two mentors too. Some of the best fighters in the entirety of the DCU. If he’s not good now, he will be soon. If anything, they take extra precautions because of Jason. Train him harder. Teach him more survival techniques. Make up for what they failed. Not sure how far they’ve gotten by the time Happy New Year rolls around, but we see that he can take care of himself pretty well against the Kroloteans.

Tim is also a very logical fighter. He looks for weak points and has a catalog in his head of potential weaknesses of every opponent he comes into contact with. He’s a bat. They all have that (except maybe Steph, since she wasn’t really treated right during her run as a hero). Exactly what I was talking about in my Kaldur vs Dick post.

Garfield probably doesn’t have much training at all. I don’t remember how long it’s been since Marie died, but I doubt he’s been with M’gann, Artemis, and the guys for very long. And there was probably a grieving period that took up weeks of possible training time. Maybe even months. Losing a parent at his age is crippling. Probably what triggered the Beast Boy stuff in full, more than just green eyes.

On top of that, I think he relies more on his transformations and the basic things he can do as those animals and doesn’t even consider not being able to transform and needing something like CQC skills(something the bats have in spades). Even the fighting style he has is far less logical than that of Tim. Gar is more creative. More free. He doesn’t really look for weaknesses, he just uses his animal transformations to take people out. Big gorilla vs puny human. Simple solutions. With a power like that, it’s easy to think that his powers are better than learning how to fight as a human. He’s a kid. He’s still learning.

Tim would take him out. It would be an interesting fight. They would trade blows for a while, both getting pretty roughed up before Tim pulled the plug and used a tool in the right place to get Gar to stay down.

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