My House
  • My House
  • Allison Case
  • 9/8/15 (debut performance)

I haven’t edited the rest of this audio yet, I haven’t even listened to this song in full; just the ends to make sure I got the whole thing in there.  I’m running out the door in like five minutes but I really wanted to get this up before I left, partly because someone requested it, partly because I react to a new Miss Honey the way (other) Catholics react to a new Pope.

So I have no idea what I recorded and just hope it sounds okay! 

From Allison’s debut performance  on 9/8.

Ripley Sobo's final quiet (incl. 'Big fat bully!')
  • Ripley Sobo's final quiet (incl. 'Big fat bully!')

can we talk about how badass little ripley sobo is?

the poor kid was pretty audibly sick, and during i’m here she was clearly having some trouble.  i was nervous for her, thinking “how the hell is she going to pull off quiet with a frog in her throat?"  that song is hard as hell to sing even when you’re feeling 100%. 

well let me tell you, i underestimated her.  i don’t know HOW she did it, but she pulled off the most gorgeous performance of that song i’ve ever heard from her.  absolutely beautiful.  i had goosebumps. 

not doing a full review of the show because i think i’ve said everything that needs to be said about ripley as matilda.  she’s brilliant. 

a couple of things though:

marcus was on for nigel; i thought he’d already left.  a pleasant surprise for sure.  i’ll miss him, too.  he’s just so cute and funny.  i was hoping for ted to be on for nigel since i’m dying to see him play the part in full, without heather covering most of the track, but marcus was adorable as ever.

christian is taller than i expected for a new eric - taller than the other boys were when they started, anyway.  he seems good in the role, though i wasn’t paying him too much attention to be honest.  too much else going on.

i ended up sitting one seat over from the sobos - nice to finally meet all of them! - and right next to matilda-the-musical, who is delightful in person.  totally coincidental.