kroh animation


Simple shot from KROH, just Hortense reacting to something SURPRISING offscreen, but hey at least we get to see her now! Hortense was modeled by Andrew Lopez and rigged by Melissa Caldwell.

Kroh Animation

If you’re interested at all in what I do when I’m not wasting time on tumblr or gushing over Stephen Merchant, I’m directing/designing/animating my senior short “KROH” and have a tumblr and blogspot account to update on its progress! Layout and animation are starting soon and as I type I’m working on the test animation for the hellish crow beast in it. So follow this —–> KROH <—– tumblr if you want to keep updated on it!


What I do during the day. ._. Kroh needed his rig tested so I did a little animation, by no means done but I have to put it aside to work on layout and some organization stuff. Figuring out shotgun bleh. Anyway, thought you might want to see Kroh moving about.