Krog Street will host a masquerade in late October and residents of neighborhoods surrounding the iconic tunnel are not happy. For one night, you can dawn your best masks and masquerade attire in the street art gallery that is usually filled with pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. With a party that is this unique you would think that many would be on board but nothing can be farther from the truth in the residents of Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown eyes. They believe this event will bring unnecessary noise, parking problems, and safety hazards.

“Yes there are alternate streets but in the event of an emergency, this is the fastest artery for first responders to access the neighborhood in some cases.” Says Missy Keofod “That seems to be a public safety issue. Where are these 1,999 people going to park? Why were residents within 3 blocks not informed?” Yes you read right. Up to 1,999 people may be in attendance. The tunnel connects the two neighborhood and finding alternate routes could cause a hectic way home and not to mention a sore for the 1,999 people in attendance as well.  

How will that happen? Not really sure but one thing is for certain, Randall Fox did not make a good impression with the people who matter by not giving notice and ignoring unanswered questions but made sure to cover his tracks legally. According to Mayor Kasim Reeds spokeswoman the organization Fox is a part of Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, has fulfilled all the city’s requirements to have the event. And why did Randall fox want to do it?

Because “no one has ever done it before”.

Besides the future masquerade, Krog Street Tunnel has hosted many art shows and pop up shops but nothing has ever happened with this many people at this capacity and for this long. Fox says that the organization will need 28 to 30 hours for the whole event plus cleanup. With growing concerns and unsatisfied residents, President Bryan Brunson of Cabbagetown decided to voice his opinions of “serious inconveniences” and “parking concerns” at the Neighborhood Planning Unit meeting. Fox was in attendance but others who were also there say that he seemed uncomfortable and was unresponsive.

On a positive note, the organization are happy to donate towards efforts to maintain the grounds and paint the Estoria Street entrance. Yay. Fox also said that the response has been mainly positive with many tickets being sold in zip codes that include the neighborhoods. Yet the resentment has grown to having a Facebook page called “The Anti Krog Masquerade”.

“When I first saw the Krog Masquerade event advertised I was excited because it sounded like a cool event, but as I’ve seen how our neighborhood’s legitimate concerns about parking, noise ordinance issues and having the tunnel closed to traffic for 30 hours have been consistently and rudely dismissed by the event promoter Mr. Randall Fox I cannot in good faith support the event.” says Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown resident Alleen Veth.

“Though Krog tunnel is a unique part of Atlanta’s art scene, it is also a functioning public road that is one of the few access points for my small neighborhood. Closing it for almost two days is not just an inconvenience, but a possible safety hazard. If Mr. Fox had worked with the Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown neighborhoods to bring this event about it could have been amazing for everyone involved, but instead all I’ve seen is a man who is looking to take advantage of our neighborhood for personal profit.”