Jonathan Mazaltov
Houston, TX
Canon EOS 6D | iPhone 6 

Do you find that your photography work influences your graphic design? Or vice versa? If so, explain how.

I actually started as a designer, which then led me into picking up my iPhone when Instagram first came out, in order to try my hand at photography. A lot of the ties between the two stem from an understanding of aesthetics. Things such as symmetry, and hierarchy are so prevalent in both that understanding those concepts helps drive either skill forward. In that same boat, one of the things I try to emphasize most in my photography is framing. Which I feel comes from a deep rooted love for UX in design. The way somebody perceives a photo has a direct correlation to how it’s composed, and that is something I have always strived for in any app/website I have been a part of creating.

What things do you typically look for when shooting in terms of location and surroundings?

The main thing I try to seek out while shooting, is places that appear unexplored. Even if I’m going to a high traffic area, I look for where the people aren’t heading. Some of the most spectacular places, and shots I’ve stumbled upon have been found using those ideals. Also, honestly, a lot of the locations/surroundings I seek out have a tendency of being driven by whatever music I’m listening to at that given moment. Music holds such a special place in my life, which motivates me to find spots that capture what a certain song, or album makes me feel (hence why majority of my pictures are titled based on a song I feel encompasses the mood I was going for).

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Light at the End: Krog Street Tunnel: Atlanta, Ga