Tim Hortons Thievery

so I had the most random thing happen to me yesterday!!!

I went at around 12:15 to the tim hortons right next to my work.  Now when i say right next to my work, i mean it.  It takes all of 60secs to get there after exiting my building.

I go into this tim hortons almost everyday for lunch, so they rang me up, made me my usual and I was on my way.  Not until I approached the entry door to my building did I realize I did not have my phone!!! I obviously ran back to Tims.  It was so quick that they guy that was behind me in line was actually still outside putting his gloves on.  I ran past him into Tim’s and asked the lady who just served me for my cellphone.  I assumed it would still be right there.  Sure enough, in the maybe minute and a half i left it there it was gone!!!!!

I go back to my work and proceed to call it multiple times!! It rings and rings and rings for about 5 minutes and then finally it is turned off!!! Son of a Bi#*h!! My phone was snagged!!!  I am at work and my client has now walked in so I put my lunch aside, got my room ready, and decided to try calling it again.  It was back on, but again within 10mins it was off.  Within the time it was on though, i had someone I work with txt the phone saying “please return it” and “it’s worthless” LOL because it’s true, I have a piece of crap phone right now! LOL

Anyways I call fido and get them to block it because i couldnt take the chance of the ringing up my bill.  After all this has happened, it is now 10 minutes to 1:00pm.  I take my client in 20mins behind schedule super depressed! At 1:30 I come out of my client and am talking about it with everyone at work and the phone rings.  My receptionist screams out “kristina, it’s a guy saying he has your phone!"  I get on the phone with him right away, he cannot speak french, and asked me if I could meet him in Laval? I was like laval??? What in gods name is it doing in laval when I work on cotes des neiges?? LOL #SketchMuch He says ok forget it, I will come and meet you there.  He took my work address and to my surprise, about 30 mins later 2 young guys between the ages of 20-27 knocked on our suite door to return my "lost phone”.

I have to say this whole situation was obviously suspicious, but it just goes to show that maybe… just maybe this guy rethought his choices, especially right before xmas and perhaps he decided to do the right thing. :) …. or maybe they just realized that it wasn’t worth shit and decided to return it! LOL Prob thought they would get some money out of me for the return too! hahahahah I don’t think so!!!!

Either way it was a relief to get it back! God works in mysterious ways!!

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
Marilyn Monroe