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favorite blogs?

@maripoja @thegrungechild @photo-sympathise @8-bitrust @yungbx99 @nxs @clandestinewhore @j0inmycult @digital-rivers @txt @y6v @synth-tears @tr4nspr3ntgod @k-omachi @rottencarcass @c0ld1995 @0xi @98e0 @transparentkiwi @odyssey420 @mtbd95 @uglyassthetic @transparent-angel @zay4ik @ergo @1oh9 @80sanime @yebbi-gongju @blogging-at-your-funeral @cyberjazz @jiminsgothbf @the-unsocial-network @61vja7 @illuminatijesus @cuntlyff @lacyred @loveglum @animatedtext @pale–plants @2343green @gehrt @solardrifter @pngtrash @wave-vapor @hottrash2k1 @transparentfaggot @kagowe @7elevn @7esbian @krobelus @hygenic @onlineboyfriends (this blog either deleted or changed its name - onlineboyfriends if you’re still here & reading this, please tell me your new URL)
and many many more - but those are the ones that come to my mind immediately <3 & i’m so sorry if i’ve forgotten someone that really belongs on this list - i’m a dumbo who follows too many good blogs && if you feel left out don’t be scared to message me! sending love to you guys xX


After almost six years I finally got it. It was not really the goal. I don’t even remember when I did my last original post. I just wanted a place to procrastinate and maybe discover new old animes to watch.

But down the road, I got awesome mutuals like @isohiko @0ci0 @tokyopandaclub @imperiosafuriosa @hebihime @wetroid @krobelus @fishflossing   @tsunderewave @quesobandito @donotfearthedarkness @moderateshitposter  @starl3ss-night @kinasin @zyin @memory-dealer @tohjos @woolchild @jarringskins @venomusuneku . I love you all and sorry if I don’t interact too much. Sorry if I forgot someone.

 But thanks to @osakaxkobe I doubled my followers in two months. Cheers lad! you’re the best.

And to the new people thanks for following and welcome to this gloomy place.