The Dallas Times Herald newspaper owned KRLD Radio when it started KRLD-TV Channel 4 in 1949.  

The station was crucial to the CBS network’s coverage of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.  Here’s a report from KRLD news director Eddie Barker, describing the scene at the Dallas Trade Mart, where the president was supposed to appear after the motorcade drove through downtown:

In the late 1960s, the FCC ruled that a single company could not own newspapers and broadcast stations in the same market, but the Dallas Times Herald was grandfathered. Despite the protection, the owners in 1970 sold the paper and broadcast stations to the Times-Mirror Company in Los Angeles.  

Times-Mirror was not protected under the grandfather clause, but it was granted a waiver to keep the newspaper and TV station, which it renamed KDFW-TV in 1970.  It sold KRLD-AM-FM to Metromedia soon thereafter.  The company sold the newspaper in 1986.  It was sold and shut down in 1991.

Here are some vintage KDFW promos from 1979:

Under new owners, KDFW was part of the 1994 affiliation swap, dropping its CBS affiliation for Fox.  

Sources: Wikipedia (KDFW)

Toilet Musings #6: Inebriated Dudekillin'

My mind is so empty this morning, which I’m blaming on the change in weather we got last night. Listening to KRLD on my phone put a few things on my mind, however. So, I’ll share a few of them.

The biggest thing on my mind is the accident which claimed the life of a Cowboys football played this past weekend. The man driving the car, also a Cowboy and close friend of the victim, was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter. Apparently, the TABC is also investigating the club where the Cowboys may have been, as indicated by a tweet earlier that night. They want to determine if the men were served alcohol while drunk.

I have a few thoughts. One: of course they were served alcohol while drunk; that’s the point of being at a club/bar. The question should be phrased “Were they served alcohol while they were dangerously intoxicated?” This is going to be difficult to verify, but it’s very possible that they were server alcohol when they were pretty wasted. I’ve seen it happen. Hell, it’s happened to me. Two: I’m sure (hoping) that the TABC does this type of investigation in every alcohol involved accident, but this is the first time I’ve personally heard it mentioned in the news. Maybe I’ve missed it before, but it seems that celebrity status may have been a contributing factor for launching this investigation. Three: I think that instead of simply focusing on whether the Cowboys were severed alcohol when they were intoxicated, the TABC should try and figure out why the were allowed to leave the club if they were unable to drive. I know that many places don’t have a policy in place to take keys away from obviously drunk patrons, but maybe they should. I’m a supporter of having your keys taken from you the minute you arrive at a drinking establishment and having to pass a sobriety test before you can get them back and leave. This isn’t a perfect solution, but if it saved even one life, isn’t it worth trying?

I’m not sure how I feel about this exactly. Not gonna lie, my remorse level for people who drink too much and then get in an accident is pretty much non-existent. My remorse is saved for the innocent victims who get slaughtered by these irresponsible assholes. I usually don’t fault the bar that sold the alcohol to the driver, because I’ve always felt that it’s not their job to protect people from themselves. But maybe I wrong. Feel free to let me know what you think about this. My beliefs are not so rigid that I can’t entertain other viewpoints.

On an unrelated note, there’s been no news on my father, so I’ll be calling his wife in a while to check in on him.

See you all in the morning!