A Baker’s Dozen

Hans(el), Gretel, and Teddy from my friend Kath’s Frozen/Tangled fanfic A Baker’s Dozen (which is awesome). Yay.

Banished from his lands, stripped of his title, and kicked out with only the clothes on his back, Hans has to make his own in the world. Things start looking up when he travels to a foreign land called Corona where a baker’s daughter offers him some bread, a job, and perhaps something more. Thirteen chapters, starting with his actions in Frozen and ending with his redemption.

To repeat what I said on DA, my friend really has a way with taking minute side characters (like the little girls from Tangled who braided Rapunzel’s hair) and turning them into rich cast of characters. She likes to include a lot of small nods to Disney as well as bunch of twists and turns (because she is evil). I actually found myself liking Hans. I thought that impossible after Frozen. Definitely one of my favorites by her.

As for the picture, I started that back in January. I’m so glad to have finished. It’s far from perfect, but I’m trying new things.


I hadn’t really touched manga for a while until I marathon-reread Fairy Tail early last month. The plot is kinda your standard shonen craziness, but I fell in love with the characters. Erza is probably my favorite female, even though some of her armor is a tad.. fanservice-y for my tastes. She’s a BAMF.