Dear King Remembered In Time...


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You are an all around awesome thinker, believer, initiator and catalyst for change! Your music is so inspiring from the content all the way back to how you make it come to life! People ask me why I go bananas every time I play your music in my car, or why I even listen to you in the first place… because those who know me know that I don’t listen to hip-hop unless it is old-school rap. You are old-school, a young man with an old soul of which is GREATLY appreciated. I connect with your story and music because everything about it is authentic from the top on down. When I sense authenticity and originality I latch onto it. You have zero gimmicks. You don’t need any. You inspire me to continue to stand out on my own and to be original and more importantly to push for positive change in my surroundings. You have thanked us (your fans) in “Thank You Kindly” but we need to be thanking you earnestly. Thank you for being the breath of fresh air that many of us, especially myself, were looking for in hip hop. Thank you for insisting on maintaining who you are as a person and as a man of God which is so evident in your music. Thank you for simply being Justin Scott. And I’m SO excited for Sept. 14th when you come to Charlotte, NC to tear Tremont Music Hall down with your banging music. We love you and will stand by you!!!



What I've Learned From Big K.R.I.T. so far.

1. Time never waits for no man.

2. They don’t love you till you underground.

3. Get money, don’t be no lame.

4. Ain’t nothing for free so get yo ass up.

5. Be aware that everybody ain’t your friend.

6. Yall niggas ain’t talkin’ bout nothing.

7. Life is a gamble.

8. This is purpose.

9. We shine on.

10. They got us all fucked up.

11. What’s a king without a crown.

12. We are the children of the world.

13. I got gumpshun.

Big K.R.I.T.'s verse from That's My Kid

To my unborn I give my all so you could ball like I could,
Stay in school and play it smooth and do those things that I wouldn’t,
Pay attention and keep your distance from ignorant instances,
Play a instrument anything that you want just invision it,

Follow your dreams, no matter what may come or what may fall,
Cuz’ ain’t no shame in failing as long as you know you gave your all,

Staned up, man up, get a handle on yourself tighten your belt,
Do what you can to do for you and ya’ll just don’t, do it for the wealth that they offer
It sounds awful but if me and your mama’ ain’t talking,
And she said that I ain’t offering a call just as often as I should,
I pray that you get older and you understand that I was just, doing what I could,
If she let me, if you have a second I could explain,
Like so many transitions in life that people change,
Whether I’m on top solo, or dead in a box,
I love you dearly sincerely and that’ll never stop,

For my kid


NAME: Ryan Gilliam

CITY/STATE: Indianapolis/IN

AGE: 17

ABOUT: Song writer, Hip-Hop fan, sketch drawer, High School student, laid back, imaginater, dreamer, #K4L member

How did you discover Big K.R.I.T.?

I was watching his show on YouTube called DeadEndHipHop over summer break last year. They were doing a conversation on the new Freshmen class of 2011. During the middle of the video, they started talking about Big KRIT’s success and how his latest mixtape suprised everyone. When they said that he was going to be the new Southern rap artist to bring Hip-Hop back thats when I knew I had to go look up his latest mixtape THE RETURN OF 4EVA. After I had listened to the R4 I was still nodding my head and decided to download all of KRIT’s mixtapes that he dropped before the R4 just so I can get to know more about him.

What makes you a Big K.R.I.T. fan?

I love Big KRIT like he’s my big brother. When I listen to his music I feel like I’m listening to someone that I know who’s in my family. The last two mixtapes he had dropped which was KRIT WUZ HERE and Return of 4eva was very touching to me because almost every track he has on them relates to my life. 

Rotation, Time Machine, The Vent, Good Enough, Get Right, Gumpshun, 2000&Beyond, Neva Go Back etc.

What is your favorite Big K.R.I.T. song and why?


Take me way back Scarface in our tapedeck
Ridin’ with my poppa, rockin’ a starter and some gray sweats

Me and my mother always like to ride out togeather. Anytime we go out to just ride around we always listen to good music and just vibe to it while we watch to old school candy cars drive by us.

"Gave me game as we roll down 8th street
Niggas out here flexin’, don’t be stressing what you can’t be
And don’t be vouching, don’t believe in what you can’t see
Unless it’s God, don’t be borrowin’ cause ain’t shit free”

When I was little my mother use to take me to Haughville to drop me off at my dads house. During the time when she would drive me over there she always teach important things about life and how to become a better man than my father was. Anytime we would ride out she would always tell me to never pay attention what others say about me and to always walk with my head up, my chest out, and never look down when someone is talking.

"Take me way back, fitted with a wave cap
Brushing in the hallway trying to keep these waves flat
Broads come and go rarely would they fuck with me”

 Now that I’m older most girls dont even take the chance to even talk to me or even try to be a friend. Most kids at my school got more swag than me, so I try hard to atleast  make myself look good by brushing my soft native hair to bring some waves in. And I do get some good comments by some girls, problem is, is that they’re all ugly as hell.

How has Big K.R.I.T. inspired you? 

I use to be that kid that felt like he was a nobody and nobody cared about him and even if he had just a few friends he would still feel alone inside. But now that I’ve listend to Big KRIT, I have become more stronger than I eva, 4eva, eva, 4eva, eva have in my life. He has reminded me of how it is being a young black male in America but taught me to always have pride in myself.

What is your favorite Big K.R.I.T. experience/story?

Being invited to the #K4L fam really put a smile on my face. I got to follow and talk to folks that are real Big KRIT fans like I am. And when I first listened to his latest track MONEY ON THE FLOOR I was going crazy mane. But one thing I never got to experience was a Big KRIT concert. I always wanted to see what its like going to a Big KRIT conert in Indiana just to see how many fans from Naptown listens to KRIT. Because the only two people I know that listens to Big KRIT is me and my friend Maurice.

If you could ask Big K.R.I.T. ANYTHING, what would it be?

Well by me being a huge fan of T.I. since the first grade, I’ve always wish to ask this question. Will you produce more tracks for T.I., especially on his new album.

Dear Big K.R.I.T.:

I just want you to know that when I listen to your music I’m always looking up to you like you’re my big brother. I’ve been writing music since fresjmen year but now, you have really inspired me to not be afraid to write about things from the heart. And even though I support you I pray and hop that you dont overdose on the fame. Like you said in your song 

I am scared 
It all ain’t enough
To free my soul
Lord mama I made it”.

And thank god I’m from Indiana because almost every southern word you say in your songs we say here. Which makes it easy for me to understand what choppin blades mean.