The Bay

I guess I never really knew how much I love the bay until I moved to La. Don’t get me wrong La is cool too but there’s something about the bay that no place else has. There’s something about the people,the vibe,the air that makes us a unique kind of people. When I went to New York I got to actually feel the vibe and essence of Hip Hop. Being that I’m a rapper it was up-lifting and fulfilling at the same time. It’s so easy to get caught up on the outside of things, especially with outsider influences like the Media,Blogs,Gossip,Rumors etc. that you start believing the things you hear. I rarely listen to the radio and when I do it’s with hopes that someone is bringing somethin different…buuut that doesn’t happen (there are a couple exceptions) So in my mind I really felt that “Hip Hop was dead” until I went to NY. Seeing “Hip Hop” living and breathing in Ny for those 3 days was enough to keep Hip Hop alive in me forever. But I digress. Going to these different places and seeing different cultures and what different cities are known for had me thinking. What is the Bay Area known for? Especially in my generation. Publicly it seems we’re only known for Violence and Partying (especially in the black community) and to the mass majority (White America)  were known for apple,twitter,Facebook,Google, other revolutionary things.. As far as Hip Hop goes we are forever branded as “HyPhy” or “goofy”. It never fails when I talk Bay Area hip hop to anybody who’s not from the bay or familiar with the bay they only know E-40 or Too Short, rarely you get someone who knows underground rap but lets focus on mainstream. Don’t get me wrong 40 and Short are legends/pioneers for artist like me but there is so much more that gets over looked in the bay it aint funny. Who was the last artist to get a “Major” deal from the bay? ….. i’ll wait? and if they did, did they get the same attention other artist from major citys get? i don’t think so.

I feel like the Bay is a melting pot of culture and realness. People from the bay have a different vibe from everyone else. We operate and move different from others. You dont have to fake it to impress us like most places, we’re more impressed by realness and authenticity. We don’t care about what others think or try to live up to the “industry standard” or the “New Trend” we set our own trends. We are originators, innovators, and educators. If Real recognize Real has never made sense to you meet someone from the bay. I feel the Bay is the medicine to the world and the day we finally get the light is day the world will start changing for the better.

If you look back in the day ( little history lesson) the worlds biggest social movements all started in the bay. The hippy movement, The Panther movement, PAC, soon to be KMI Movement( you’ll understand soon enough) etc.. we preach truth. please do your research and know that I’m not stuntin for my home town. This is real life! And it’s not the worlds fault that they don’t know, it’s our own fault. Lets take music for example. The music industry has cut the bridge off for Bay Area music. Even our own hometown station 106 Kmel cuts off bay artist.We don’t support the local raw talent. We don’t have support like Ny has or use to have or like Atl does for their local artist and if do we only support the same type of music or artist who have established a buzz. What happened to the day when radio stations use to break artist? Giving them a kick start to getting exposure and creating and sustaining a buzz. Matter fact has Kmel ever broke an artist at all on a major scale? It seems like because The bay has been cut off for so long stations like Kmel are trying to fit in with “the cool kids” instead of doin they own thing. I mean given that CLEAR CHANNEL delegates what music gets played plays a big part but still.  I look it at like ” if they not gone let you play with them, Show em you know a better game and make em want to play with you ” it’s the same with the music if the radio starts playing good music and breaking good local artist that have potential to succeed in the industry that will make the big company’s and corporations come knock at your door. We need Dj’s and radio people who actually care for the culture and care about the music to get in and take those chances of spinning a record that the station says not to play. Since when has it been up to the corp? I thought it was up to the people?  I can guarantee right now if KMEL has 1-O.A.K.’s “Rewind” in heavy Rotation it would catch fire. Because for one its good music for 2  The Bay is gonna ride for anyone putting on for The Bay period. I.e “the HyPhy movement” but I’m not even talking just that kind of music. I feel like every type of music that world says is gone or missing is living and breathing in the bay. From Rnb to Hip Hop and more. But I digress again.. In due time that will change and i’ll be apart of that change. but off of all that lol 

“The Bay Area” is still my favorite place to be in the world and it’s up to all of us Talented Kreative Minds to come together and put on for our Area globally and make our mark in new history!! You with me??

N For y’all who’ve never been come see for yourself.


P.s dot judge my grammar and run on sentences lol I’m not an English major