• Sehun: you don't have a father, kris left. remember?
  • Chanyeol, showing up 10 seconds later in his car running over a mail box in the process: THE FUCK DID YOU SAY YOU LITTLE SHIT
The sky gave you everything. And the world gave you to us.

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Thank you for being amazing, and annoying friend and brother. 

10 times Kris was bothered by other EXO otps

Unlike Xiumin, Kris couldn’t bear to see ChenBaek

KaiSoo hugging and Kris trying his hardest to avoid it. XD

He really couldn’t take how soft Kai was on Luhan when giving him punishment.

Didn’t like watching SuKai..

Unlike Lay, Kris didn’t find HunHans dancing funny and cute

If eyes could kill, LOL XD (Luhan staring at Sehun)

Bothered by Kai rubbing Chanyeol’s shoulders and so is Baekhyun, LOL!

Tao thinks LayBaek is cute but Kris don’t

Knows something weirds going on behind him, stop dancing, sees SuChen

I think Luhan felt the same way Kris did..

Didn’t want to look at BaekYeol..


★the relationship is mostly you and kris ft chanyeol doing stuff in the background to get your attention

★rap battles to decide which one of them gets the honour of having you sit in their lap

★you always end up just sitting in between them

★matching caps

★they always hold your hand

★if you’re out on a date and somebody says something about the relationship y’all just pack up and leave

★matching phone cases

★stealing their clothes to sleep in

★so many pictures of the three of you doing stupid shit




★it takes at least half an hour for you to get out of bed

★because they always pull you back in and trap you

★kisses for days off of them

★when they’re away they’re constantly taking pictures to show you

★and telling ou what’s happening

★bring you trinkets from the places

★you’ve got two group chats

★one for everyday talking, sharing images etc

★then one that is just full of nudes and sexts  

nsfw from here

★when you’re separated and desperate you post nudes in the chat

★it’ll bring them to your place(if they can) and sort you out

★or they’ll call you and just have really great phone sex

★kris is dom at all times 

★sometimes chanyeol joins him to pleasure you

★or sometimes kris just fucks the two of you

★probably matching butt plugs with yeol bc kris likes the look of it when you’re both bent over

★when you hang out on lazy days none of you put underwear on

★easy access

★aftercare consists of you changing into pyjamas

★ordering food

★and watching movies

★if you’re not all exhausted

★if you are

★it’s cuddles in bed

The place is crowded, people are talking loudly, girls are randomly screaming. Kris thinks his fans are here for him, time to pose. Has life imitates art and Kris Wu strikes his best poses, he realises after a while that there’s no phone pointed at him, no camera, no one to notice him. He mumbles to himself “Maybe next time, London…”.

But who stole his walk of fame? Those girls are screaming at something, or someone, those cameras are capturing the soul of some poor innocent! Curiosity killed the cat, Kris makes a grande entrance just to get a glimpse of the mysterious messiah. There he is!

Surprised by the sudden space given to him, the handsome guy looks around, rather than seize the opportunity to run away; “I might see someone important! I mean who could catch more attention than me?” he says to himself. That’s when he sees him : the tall handsome guy, dark hair tied in a ponytail, Burberry coat, round sunglasses… Kris! As tears start to blurry his sight, Chanyeol can feel his heart pounding like if it was about to come out of his rib cage.

With a trembling voice and a single tear running down his cheek, he yells : 


Confused, Kris looks up, familiar with the voice who screamed his name. But that’s impossible, it can’t be, this voice… he hasn’t heard it in years.

The crowd spreads appart as Chanyeol walk towards Kris, the fans are crying along with him, mooved by this beautiful moment. Kris is speechless, he slowly takes off his sunglasses has he stumbles towards his long lost twin tower brother, his whole body shaking.

The whole crowd is silent, almost as if everyone stopped breathing; they are only a few centimeters away from each other. No one is moving, as the two young men stare at each other, when finally, Kris shows his gummy smile, and with tears running down his cheeks he says :

- Ayo… wassup

Chanyeol answers with the biggest smile as they give each other a warm hug, and the crowd cheers as the two boys reunite.