kristun cosplaying


It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Scarves right now. “One scarf is too short, one scarf is too long, no scarves are just right.

Other than shortening the long scarf and putting the beads back into my wig… my Rikku cosplay is finally completed! Have some blurry mirror ’Selphies’! I’m so excited to wear this to AWA. TWO MORE WEEKS OH MY GOSH.


Here is my final final cosplay lineup for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 (because I changed it around again). I can’t believe it’s next week!

  • Friday - Steampunk Rikku: I added new beading to the top and belt, and finished the legwear. 
  • Saturday - Oerba Dia Vanille: Since my last photo update I remade her necklaces and bracelets, and I’m bringing along my Physician’s Staff!
  • Sunday - Gun Mage Rikku: I finally finished the boots and added the gold armor pieces to them. I’ve never altered shoes like this before, so I hope they hold well. 

I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see you all there!  (^▽^)


Bombshell Harley is finished! I worked on this costume on-and-off since last year, and I’m really happy with the result. The photos were kind of rushed (including putting the costume on, I pulled the wig hairline back a little too far in these, haha) so I didn’t put her facepaint on. I did some face painting/makeup tests a few days ago so it’s going to look something like that!

I can’t wait to wear this to AWA! Though five minutes in this costume and the heat was killing me. I am not ready. ;_;

Steampunk Rikku progress: 50% complete! 

A few weeks ago my friends and I were tossing around cosplay ideas, and the idea for a steampunk Rikku was mentioned. I didn’t really take the idea seriously, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to make this costume. Rikku is already my favorite character to cosplay so I’m really looking forward to wearing this.

Nothing in this photo is completely finished and there are a lot of items that have not been made yet. I plan on adding many details and decorations to this costume. The weapons are supposed to look weathered, and will have ornate designs painted on them. The top and skirt will have some beading, and the boots will be modified.


This is really neat! I’m at 5:43 as Vanille.
Video: beatdownboogie


30 Day Cosplay Challenge
└ Day 2 - How many costumes have you done?

So far I have done eight costumes and I’m currently working on four more. I also made a Songstress Yuna/Lenne costume several years ago, but I don’t have any photos (I had Yuna’s hair pieces and Lenne’s earrings so I could swap them out and cosplay as either one). I never wore it, and by the time I even considered wearing it again my sewing skills improved and I wanted to completely remake it! Maybe one day I will. I’ve remade my thief Rikku costume three times and I’m currently remaking it a final time. Hopefully I will never have to alter it again, haha.

I usually make 2-4 costumes a year and attend one con a year, so my cosplay list is slowly growing.
Thief Rikku photo by: Sam Lau.

I see a lot of you posting your fancy cosplay lineup graphics on the AWA tags, so I decided to post mine as well!

This isn’t 100% certain because I still have a lot of work to do on my costumes, but so far I plan on bringing my remade Rikku costume and Bombshell Harley Quinn! I’m torn between wearing Vanille or Gun Mage Rikku again (both costumes were a lot of fun to wear last year!). If I don’t finish Rikku or Harley in time I’ll bring both. 

I still have pictures from AWA 2013 posted as well. I’m so excited to see everyone’s costumes!

Here’s my old belt (top) from three years ago, with my new belt (bottom). I really love improvement! :’D

The old belt was made entirely from craft foam and hot glue, inspired by cosplayers I saw online. My new belt is sewn from fabric, with a little craft foam to add thickness. I’ve been working on this for the past two days and I’m really happy with the result. The bags are workable and it’s just a lot more comfortable to wear! All that’s left are the boots and weapons.

Also, when put next to my new belt… my old one is very green. D: