Fast Times at Dropout High (Harvey Edition)
The Ataris
Fast Times at Dropout High (Harvey Edition)

“Fast Times at Dropout High” is far and away one of my all-time favorite songs by The Ataris, and on their upcoming album “The Graveyard of the Atlantic,” the band has re-recorded the song.

However, one of my favorite parts of the original song was the quote from “Good Will Hunting” dubbed over the track, so I decided to take a quote from the 1950 film “Harvey” and toss it in over the new track. I feel like the quote fits the song wonderfully, both from a musical and lyrical standpoint, even if the quote is immensely different than the original one.

Enjoy! And if you’ve got comments, let’s hear ‘em!

My Hotel Year
Kristopher Roe

    I don’t really geek out about bands the way I used to. When I was a kid, I’d go to shows and concerts, and if given the chance to meet someone in the band I was watching, I’d flip out, talk to them, and pretty much be the stereotypical young kid that most people are in their lives. Now I’m older, I’ve met a lot of the dudes that wrote the songs I sang in my car. I’ve written my own songs, and played shows, and one time, only once but it was a cool one off, a crowd of kids actually geeked out, and talked to me about an EP I had written and passed along (This is another story altogether, and I’ll share it another time). It’s very rare that I get an anxious feeling when I meet a musician or band-dude I respect. Then I got to meet Kris Roe of The Ataris. Fun fact, The Ataris are my favorite band ever. Flat out. My number 1, my go to…always. Meeting him is literally one of the coolest things I have ever done. He was nice, and missing a tooth but he gave me a high five, and a hug. I thought about not showering afterwards. Recently I’ve thought a lot about why this band is so high on my list, and to be honest. It’s because his songs are great. It’s pop punk, and it’s honest. He’s older now, and singing the songs he wrote when he was a kid. His voice has aged, and now the sad songs sound sadder, and the uplifting songs scream louder than ever, that everything’s going to be o.k. This is why I’m posting this, because Kris Roe, and The Ataris are still out there being road warriors, and killing it. They just released this acoustic album, and in typical fashion I have listened to it very loudly in my car, while singing along. I feel like its the best way to listen to it.