While waiting in line to file a new case Pheonix and Edgeworth get stuck behind Kristoph and Mia.  Also, Mia talking about facing off in civil cases with Gavin not criminal. 

Since this is a Defense AU and no one really dies a lot the cases the cast deal with are civil cases. Which if you think about how petty some law suites can be about it would make great material for the brand of comedy and absurdity the games are know for. 

Oh and if you’re wondering why Edgeworth call the city Los Tokyo my favorite fan inside joke about the American games is that Ace Attorney is set in a Los Angeles/Japan setting :) 


Collection of all the rpg au designs so far :D

Starting from top left: Archer/White Mage Apollo, Paladin Athena, (Runaway Prince) Bard Klavier, (King) Healer Kristoph, Druid Juniper, Necromancer Maya, and Wizard Trucy