kristoph orlithe


OC Homes - Kristoph Orlithe [google search photos]

In original world, Treias, Kristoph is a high noble immortal who likes simple pleasures and all things plant and nerdy. His home is in a nice suburban area of the city where it’s still very green and there are fences between neighbors. It’s pretty roomy regardless, with a pretty good sized house and yard.

His style is very homey and earthy and bright. Blues, greens, and neutrals. Overall the entire place has a pretty consistent look throughout and often has the windows uncovered for lots and lots of light. 

His garden is one of his favorite places, with tall weepy trees, many colors of flowers, and lots of little lights and decorations to hang around. Even a seating area for eating outside on nice days, possible a gazebo.

He also has a craft room which isn’t pictured here, full of figurines and sewing supplies mostly. 

3 bed, 2 bath, brightly colored Victorian style nature feel. 

Did two sketches today! Not sure if I’ll be coloring this one if Just for the sake of it’d have to be done really realistically and that takes like…12 hours at least.

hella-bara ’s chara Kristoph being really pretty as usual surrounded by dragonflies because he is a dragonfly nerd too :U