kristoffer king


So I got a professional super-high quality scan made of this drawing in black & white to save, and then went ahead and colored the original.  I didn’t think the color would be better than the black & white, but I think I actually like it better!  

I’m super happy with this.  Like, SUPER HAPPY.  It might be one of the best things I’ve ever drawn, and not just because it’s Kristoff.  ;)

By the way, since this is now digitally stored at the professional graphics company, I can get super-high quality digital prints made, and even Giclée prints on fancy paper/canvas/etc.  So, if anyone is interested in buying a very, very nice copy of this (either color OR black & white!), please do let me know!  :D

Copic marker and Copic multiliner on 14 x 17″ smooth bristol board.

All 21 wars between Denmark and Sweden (1205-1814)

1205-1210: The Danes support Sverker Karlsson (Sverkerska) in his fight with Erik Knutsson (Erikska) over the Swedish throne.

1360-1361: The Danish King Valdemar Atterdag captures Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Gotland.

1389-1398: King Albrekt of Sweden and his supporters are defeated by the forces of the nobility and Queen Magrethe of Denmark and Norway and the Kalmar Union comes into existance.

1434-1436: A revolt led by Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson leads to the first estates parliament in Sweden to declare King Erik of Denmark, Norway and Sweden deposed as King of Sweden.

1448-1450: As King Kristoffer dies suddenlly, the estates parliament elect the Swedish prominent nobleman Karl Knutsson (Bonde) King of Sweden. Both he an King Kristian I of Denmark are elected King of Norway by their respective supporters and war breaks out over Norway.

1452-1457: War between King Karl Knutsson (Bonde) and King Kristian of Denmark.

1463-1471: Since King Karl Knutsson (Bonde) had returned as King, new fighting broke out as King Kristian tried to enforce his claims to the Swedish throne.

1501-1520: Sten Gustavsson (Sture), having been deposed by Swedish supporters of the Kalmar Union 1497 returns and revolts against King Hans of Denmark. This is what leads to Stockholm’s bloodbath

1521-1523: Gustav Eriksson (Wasa) leads a rising against King Kristian II and finally ends the Kalmar Union.

1534-1536: Sweden intervenes in the Counts’ feud in Denmark to ensure that King Kristian II can not regain the throne in Denmark.

1563-1570: The Nordic Seven Years’ War between Denmark and Sweden.

1611-1613: The Kalmar War between Denmark and Sweden.

1643-1645: Torstensson’s War between Denmark and Sweden.

1657-1658: Karl X Gustav’s War between Denmark and Sweden.

1658-1660: Karl X Gustav’s second War between Denmark and Sweden.

1675-1679: The Scanian War between Denmark and Sweden.

1700: First Danish participation in the Great Nordic War. 

1709-1719: Second Danish participation in the Great Nordic War.

1788-1790: The teather war. Sweden attack Russia, and Denmark honours its alliance with Russia and declares war.

1808-1809: The Danish war. Denmark, allied with Russia, which prodded by Napoleon attacks Sweden to force it into the continental system, declares war on Sweden.

1814: The invasion of Norway. (Denmark had to give Norway to Sweden)

(Source:  vonadler)

Who You Should Fight: Frozen Edition
  • Elsa: Only fight her if you have a death wish. She buried her whole kingdom in snow without even trying. The only way to beat her is to bring in an epic guilt trip, and then later when she finds out you'll be even more screwed.
  • Kristoff: This guy literally lifts up reindeers and four-tiered cakes and creatures made of rock like they're nothing. Pretty sure he could knock your bones right out of your body.
  • Hans: Bit of a toss-up. On one hand, he's got his sword and his emotional manipulation and his devilishly good looks. On the other, once he starts monologuing about his evil plan you can easily sneak in and beat the stuffing out of him.
  • Olaf: He annoys everyone sometimes, so go ahead and feel free to kick his head off. He won't be harmed at all and will probably think you're just saying hello.
  • Sven: Why would you do this. Why would you.
  • Anna: Do not fight Anna. Please, I am begging you, for the love of God, do not fight Anna. She will beat you up, her sister will beat you up, her boyfriend will beat you up, and the whole kingdom will be pissed at your ghost afterwards. Do not fight Anna. Listen to trashy pop music with Anna instead.
  • Agdar and Idun: IDK, they're dead man.
  • The Trolls: They gang up on you. Then they embarrass you to death with songs about your flaws in front of the girl you like. Don't do it.
  • Duke of Weselton: Please do, as a matter of fact. Everyone wants you to. I'm pretty sure even his mother wants you to.

So at the insistence of @thetwinkerbell I finally listened to Hamilton all the way through and let me list how it was both the best and the worst decision ever

• I laughed a lot
• I cried so many times for Phillip and Alex and Burr
• And I cried for Eliza during Burn because rIP MY H E A R T O U T
• Totally Bi Alex Hamilton OMG the little bit of tension between him and Laurens and the BLATANT FLIRTING between him and Lafayette ugh Hamilboner for the French boy
• Washington is boss
• Cabinet rap battles yes please
• Wait For It is the most beautiful song evveeeerrrrr
• Eliza x Hamilton OTP despite all the shit they go through
• A song about New York being the greatest city ever because every single Broadway musical must have one
• Guns and Ships (aka the fastest Broadway song ever look it up) rapped by Lafayette with a French accent
• literally impossible to learn all the words because they’re so fast and complicated
• “Southern Motherfuckin’ democratic republicans”
• “you knock me down I get the FUCK back up again” Hercules Mulligan is my fiery pistol toting spy bae
• Jefferson literally slays
• So mUch CamARaDeRiE UgH I LOvE IT
• poor Angelica I cry for you I’m sorry
• flirting with accidental commas and Hamilton has the most beautiful eyes


The Signs As Disney Boys
  • Aquarius: Flounder (The Little Mermaid)
  • Pisces: Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Aries: Tarzan (Tarzan)
  • Taurus: Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
  • Gemini: Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Cancer: Aladdin (Aladdin)
  • Leo: Bambi (Bambi)
  • Virgo: Philoctetes (Hercules)
  • Libra: Li Shang (Mulan)
  • Scorpio: Scar (The Lion King)
  • Sagittarius: Kristoff (Frozen)
  • Capricorn: Nicholas "Nick" P. Wilde (Zootopia)